FAN THEORY: The Insidious Agenda Behind AVENGERS VS X-MEN

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Marvel Banner FAN THEORY: The Insidious Agenda Behind AVENGERS VS X MENWhile wandering the dark alleys of the interwebs, in between the crack pipe lined streets of 4chan and the desolation of /r/nosleep, I found a land laden with bizarre fanmade conspiracy theories.

While reason screamed in my ear “Get off the f***ing internet and be productive” I couldn’t very well turn back, having traveled so far on my trusty steed Google Chrome, so I decided to dive headlong into every speculative article I could find. Eventually, I came across a piece of particular interest, and I’ve decided to share it here.

Its premise is simple, but a bit insidious:

It claims that Marvel created its entire AVENGERS VS X-MEN Event to recover its licensing rights from 20th Century Fox (home of the current mutie franchise).  Now, I know that sounds a little bizarre, and even a bit counter-intuitive, but just give Redditor Ezarago a read as he recites his story.

Earlier this year, I attended one of the Midwest’s bigger comic conventions. I’d gotten into a late-night conversation with a guy in the bar at the big hotel across the street. It took me a good ten minutes before I found out this wasn’t just any Joe-Shmoe filling the holes in his comic collection. He was somebody involved with the Marvel PR Machine. Honestly, to a die-hard comics fan he’d probably be instantly recognizable.

So we were discussing AVX and I said something along the lines of “It’s a big thing to see Avengers and X-men characters mix it up, but let’s be real. The whole concept is childish. Literally childish. When I was 8 years old, I had this concept. Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to make the Avengers fight the X-men over some new character who is actually the most powerful coolest awesomely badass superhero who would beat up all of them together at the same time? We could even show what each paired fight would look like!”

He laughed so hard, he almost choked on the water he was sipping.

Afterwards, he leaned in close and told me that was more-or less-the idea.

“The trick” he said, “is to get your pre-teen demographic used to seeing these characters battle it out on a regular basis. Get Cyclops to take on Captain America. Get Hulk battling Colossus. Kids get used to seeing these two titles cross-over constantly, right? We’ve been trying to do that with Wolverine for years, right?”

Puzzled, I said “So what? You’re going to sell the same amount of Avengers and X-men titles after the event because those two titles are already big sellers. What’s the point?”

He replied “These kids just left movie theaters with The Avengers burned into their minds. The increase of sales in toys and comics is phenomenal. When they walk into the comic shop or beg their mom to check Amazon, they’re going to look for the first new thing with Avengers on it. That’s going to be AVX.”

“Okay, so you want the X-men property to sell as well as The Avengers?” I said.

He looked at me like I was the biggest knucklehead he’d ever met and said “The big guys at Marvel and Disney want every child to grow up thinking the X-Men are an integral part of the Avengers mythos. They want every kid asking ‘Why is Wolverine missing from this movie? He’s a huge part of the Avengers universe.”

He added “Give it a year or two and you’ll see what I mean. It’s going to take a couple more X-Men-features flopping before we get back the rights, but we’ll get them. We’ve got 3 PR teams dedicated to making that a reality.”

At this point, his wife/girlfriend stopped by and we said our goodbyes.

He didn’t make me swear to keep it confidential or anything like that, but I mentioned a project I’m currently working on and I asked him to keep it between us. At the very least, I feel I should keep his name out of it. Also, I don’t want to screw over somebody with (from what I know now) real power and true credibility.

Pretty strange, huh? Now, this could very well be a bunch of bullsh*t.

I mean… would the House of Ideas really bully Fox for the rights to Wolverine and crew?

Everyone lies on the internet, but if there’s so much as a smidgen of truth to this claim, it means the future of Marvel Studios just became a bit weirder.


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