Executive Assistant: Iris (vol.3) #5 Review

When war begins it starts to end, but did this turn out to be worth its cost?  Read on to find out.

The official description Aspen:

The Extinction finale has arrived!

In this, the final chapter of the thrilling Executive Extinction crossover, Iris seeks vengeance for her fallen comrade and forces a final showdown with the man who murdered them–the vicious and malevolent Mazutsu. But to get to him, she must cross paths with her own employer, the C.I.A., as well as her greatest nemesis, Rose, who is seeking a little revenge of her own. In the end, only one will survive, and THIS time, it’s permanent!

Blood has been spilled to afford our tools of death this moment.  The first event in this corner of the world is coming to a close and trust me the creative team knows it.  From start to finish they don’t waste any time getting into the thick of it.

David Wohl brings the battle against Mazutsu to a more than fitting conclusion.  Using all the tools in his literary chest, the author sees fit to expose Iris like a nerve.  The Executive Assistants experienced a tremendous loss that created a very unlikely partnership, and the scribe knows that as he exploits their trust issues even when this team is needed most.  The bulk of this tale carries a somewhat sluggish pace due to an extended amount of narration but in the end I found the whole of it to be satisfying.

The art by Alex Lei is up to the task the script demands.  His steady hand creates a stretched but consistent vision that ebbs and flows with the right among of conviction to sell this story of modern day vendettas and vengeful women.  More to the point he uses slender lines with momentum to convey the force of each blow.  But a couple of the panels near the end relied far too much on negative space which slightly cheapened their impact.

Executive Assistant: Iris (vol.3) #5 is an engagingly over the top action affair that’s sure to please enthusiasts of the genre.  Recommended.


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