Executive Assistant: Iris (vol.3) #4 Review

Executive Extinction continues, but after all that’s happened where does Iris go from here?  Should you care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

The Extinction finale draws near! As the Executive Extinction crossover roars toward its dramatic conclusion, Iris finds her loyalty called into question when she is forced to choose sides between her employer– the CIA –and her fellow Executive Assistants, as they try to bring down the vicious Mazutsu and his criminal empire. And to make matters worse, Rose has returned, which can only mean even more trouble for Iris.

But when one of her closest friends reveals her true allegiance, Iris realizes that nothing is as it seems in this world of intrigue, death. . . and betrayal.

There’s a lot that’s been going right in this zany event but there’s been plenty of misfires along the way.  Thankfully we have this series to back up the main arc as this creative team fills in some gaps to make it all shine through in the end.

David Wohl pens the script and the seasoned scribe does everything you would expect him to do at this point, especially considering where the arc has taken our heroine and her friends.  In truth I found quite a bit of the dialogue to be passable; sadly though there were some off instances that just felt a bit clunky, but trust me these speed bumps did little to hamper an otherwise entertaining affair. The overall saga at play felt consistently coherent, enjoyable and more important than any of that it successfully carried the greater narrative into its next evolution.

The art by Alex Lei is simplistic in nature but fluid in execution.  There were quite a few instances where the apparent lack of details seemed far too minimalist but truth be told I never thought the various set pieces were underutilized.  From the first page to the final panel the pencil strokes gave enough personality and atmosphere to make this action packed jaunt work.

Executive Assistant: Iris (vol.3) #4 is another excellent release that deserves to be on your pull-list.  Recommended.


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