Executive Assistant: Iris (vol.3) #3 Review

How high of a toll with this event take on our expertly trained heroine?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

The Extinction continues!

Working with the CIA, Iris learns that the powerful and malevolent arms dealer Mazutsu is off limits to the Agency, a fact that piques her interest further. Covertly, Iris heads to New Delhi, India in search of her friend Lotus, but surprisingly discovers a deadly battle already in progress, along with the arrival of some rather violent “friends” as well!

When it comes to delivering tie-in issues that need to still be relevant to the character they feature while not being bogged down by the weight of an ongoing tale, it can be a rather tricky prospect.  Now this release certainly stumbles along the way when facing that particular problem but in the end it finds a way to somewhat conquer it.

The script by David Wohl offers a lot of context as to how our heroine and her CIA connections fit into this greater narrative.  But it also, much to its detriment, retreads already covered territory copying and pasting an entire sequence from Executive Assistant: Assassins.  Now on one hand the repeated scenes can be viewed as a good thing, since there are fans who don’t want to go beyond Iris’ take on this whole situation.  But from another perspective for anyone who is reading both it just feels wholly unnecessary.

Alex Lei handles the art and he offers up some expertly drawn panels that will easily please dedicated followers.  His pencil strokes effectively build up the world inherent in this odyssey.  But there are times where details seem to be a bit lacking, especially during some rather key moments.  The end result is a visually pleasing but occasionally underwhelming affair.

Executive Assistant: Iris (vol.3) #3 is a solid continuation of the current event but the repeated panels and pages from the most recent issue of Executive Assistant: Assassins results in this release feeling like a partial waste of time in.  Nonetheless the good outweighs the bad as this comic earns a recommendation.


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