Executive Assistant: Assassins #9 Review

With danger rising around them, can these Executive Assistants survive this event?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

The massive “Executive Extinction” crossover begins to tear apart the bounds of friendship and loyalty, as Lily, Orchid and Aster arrive in Tokyo on their final push to eliminate Mazutsu and end his cycle of bloodshed. However, the arrival of Executive Assistant Ivy has created a challenge for the girls’ revenge plan, as her past reveals dark secrets which may lead to all of their demise!

From the beginning this story line has seen some very engaging action sequences as a plot full of betrayal and revenge unfolded rather briskly right before our very eyes.  Now that this saga is drawing to an all but certain close it’s time for the literal pieces to line up for their final bout.

Vince Hernandez pens the script and what he delivers successfully moves everything along but it ultimately fails to ever escape the feeling of being a “set-up” release.  What I mean is, each moment whether we’re dealing with character development or some brief action feels like little more than a half-way point, as a literal clearing of the stage occurs as the final curtain call is prepped.  Overall the job done here is solid, I just wish more happened before readers reached that final page.

The art by Jordan Gunderson fits into the narrative meat rather nicely, as he gives both form and function to these leading ladies.  His pencil strokes eloquently illustrate not just the heroes but the villain, and by the time fans close this book they’ll find themselves grinning ear to ear as they eagerly await the next outing. With that said, there were several moments where details seemed just a tad bit off but thankfully these instances did little to detract from the overall pencil work.

As penultimate issues go Executive Assistant: Assassins #9 does exactly what it needs to in order to set the stage for the epic finale that’s surely coming right around the corner, but it doesn’t do much more than that.  Recommended.


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