Executive Assistant: Assassins #16 Review

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Is this an arc that honestly needs to be shared with the masses?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

A brand-new Assassins storyline begins!

The ‘Blood Origin’ three-part storyline kicks off as the cruel history of the first Executive Assistant Academy forged many years ago is brutally exposed. Nestled alongside a barren and treacherous mountain range in China, within a spiritual Chinese village of hard living–a school of honor and discipline was introduced that would change the landscape forever. Meet Daffodil, the first graduate of the academy, as she discovers that a new world awaits those who cannot only fend for themselves – but also, use their vicious abilities to help those of great power!

Executive Assistant-Assassins 16_CAfter reading the above solicitation there are certainly some innate expectations placed upon the shoulders of this release.  To the creative team’s credit they succeed under some of them while forging a competent journey.  In short: it’s not perfect but manages to be good by its end.

Vince Hernandez introduces us to two sisters and their history full of struggle.  One went legitimate while the other fell into a life of crime.  A connection that they both had was severed as the author spends the bulk of the narrative building up their odyssey in order to lock them in place for what should be an interesting adventure.  Truth be told that’s where the problem lies, as the scribe does a lot of telling while bogging down the whole of the tale in a pace that simply yearns for more action.

The art by Jordan Gunderson is both functional and natural, as the talent builds a world that easily blends with the rest of the franchise.  His individual panels carry enough life to birth a spirit that gives the text and these new players more than enough room for potential growth.  There were off moments where the overall display stumbled causing distracting inconsistencies, but when taken into account with the rest of the work these were minor instances.

Executive Assistant: Assassins #16 is a good but imperfect comic that manages to earn a recommendation.



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