Executive Assistant: Assassins #15 Review

The beginning of this latest protagonist’s journey comes to a brutal end, but does it go out with a whimper or a bang?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Introducing Executive Assistant Daisy!

Daisy returns home to New Orleans a full-fledged Executive Assistant, ready to make amends with the demons of her past. Yet, her powerful and calculating father has other plans for his personal “property”, as he shows her the true nature of family binds. And even armed with the experience of an Executive Assistant, Daisy may still not be able to survive in this epic finale!

The world of these violent assassins is always rooted in some innate mythology, and the latest expansion doesn’t necessarily add anything to that but it doesn’t stop it from being compelling.  The creative team delivers something that from the first page to the final panel succeeds at being wholly captivating.

The odyssey of this burgeoning Executive Assistant reaches its assured climax with this comic book. Truth be told it was always a perceivable end as the scribe, Vince Hernandez, goes through the motions to show us how far she has grown.  What we have here is a damaged woman who’s on the verge of becoming a highly deadly person that’s self aware of her own mental inadequacies.   The result is a complex, moving and ultimately fitting piece of fiction that should easily excite fans.  It might even shock them by the time they reach the final chilling pages.

The art by Lori “Cross” Hanson is just as solid as it has been.  The talent takes her pencil strokes to the next level as she allows her design sense to move quite freely when the violence starts.  My one critique is that I wish there would have been more time and attention paid to the backgrounds themselves, as an overabundance of negative space is only made passable by the colors delivered by Teodoro Gonzalez.

Executive Assistant: Assassins #15 is a really good comic book that’s sure to please long time fans as it successfully wraps up this four-part arc.  Recommended.


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