Executive Assistant: Assassins #13 Review

Can an Executive Assistant be born from the fires of abuse, thrive in the light of romance and be resurrected as something more?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Introducing Executive Assistant Daisy!

Daisy learns what it¹s like to for once live free of the shadows of her menacing-and deadly-father, while living with her savior and lover, Shen. But, the darkness of her past cannot be so easily dismissed, as Franklin¹s “employees” manage to track them down, forcing their exodus from the United States. And Daisy¹s new home will prove far more shocking than she anticipated, as her life reaches a deadly precipice even Shen may not be able to save her from!

The world of these assassins gets a new player, but audience members are still waiting to find out whether or not this latest addition is really someone that’s worthwhile,  After two issues I can say at this point: I’m interested to see where this arc is going.

Vince Hernandez pens the script and this is where this saga finds hope in humanity.  Let’s be perfectly blunt, our two primary characters are not necessarily good people but for some reason they’re enough of a positive influence to bring about change in each other. And somehow the scribe succeeds in getting his followers to root for these lovers despite their flaws. Sure there are some patches of dialogue that come off as a bit too goofy but the heart is there, and that goes a long way in selling a necessary level of authenticity.

The art by Lori “Cross” Hanson from the first page to the final panel is stylized. Using a minimalist touch the illustrator brings quite a few toys to the table as she renders with a level of precision that befits this genre and series.  That being said there were moments where faces looked a tad bit rough as an intentional lack of additional detail ultimately failed to realize a consistent vision.

Executive Assistant: Assassins #13 is a superb comic that’s sure to please fans and sate their appetite for this franchise.  Recommended.


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