Executive Assistant: Assassins #12 Review

The ranks of the Executive Assistants grow, but is this woman a worthy addition? Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Introducing Executive Assistant Daisy! A new direction is forged in the EA Universe with this new four-issue story arc featuring Daisy-a new breed of Executive Assistant born and raised in the wealthy upper crust of New Orleans. When her father’s physical and emotional abuse become too much to endure, Daisy finds herself alone, confused and in danger…until a savior arrives to rescue her-or so she thinks!

In the aftermath of Executive Extinction the people behind this book have determined: it’s time to add yet another player.  In this first outing we’re beginning to understand who this assassin is, while also coming to terms with her past before we judge where she is in her present.

I have to say I’ve become quite a fan of the work done by Vince Hernandez, the author has a way of cutting right into the meat of whatever tale he’s spinning while maintaining enough atmosphere to keep the comic grounded.  As he introduces Daisy he relies on a rather stereotypical background that allows for some easy exploration, but within the dialogue he finds a voice that’s worth following.  This is not the first or last yarn revolving around a battered daughter and her abusive father but there’s enough extra juice here to make any audience member believe that in the end this will be worthwhile.

The art is handled expertly by Lori “Cross” Hanson, and believe me her minimalist technique may seem far too barren but her grasp of angular details makes up for it.  Using her pencil strokes she easily finds the heart of the piece, as each moment comes off visually heartfelt.  There were a few instances where I wished for more details but the panels that needed that extra attention were few and far between.

Executive Assistant: Assassins #12 is not perfect but the creative team succeeds in delivering something that can be readily described as a friendly introduction with enough there to warrant a purchase.  Recommended.


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