Executive Assistant: Assassins #10 Review

This is the moment fight fans have been waiting for, but does it live up to its own expectations?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Aspen:

Can anyone hope to survive the final Extinction?

It is life or death for Executive Assistants Lily, Ivy and Aster as they attempt to fight their way out of an ambush at the hands of the traitor within their group! Mazutsu’s army of soldiers, led by Rose, have them surrounded, stacking the odds further against their favor! The pulse-pounding crossover “Executive Extinction” reaches its bloody conclusion within the pages of Assassins, and no Executive Assistant is guaranteed to survive!

Considering where we found our protagonists at the end of the last outing, was it any surprise that this issue picked up directly in the middle of the action? Beyond that the creative team delivered on the promise of this arc, as extinction bared down hard on our assistants as a high cost is paid for any amount of survival.

Vince Hernandez pens the script and the author does a solid job letting the action take control.  There is still a healthy amount of interaction but there is absolutely no depth as this specific comic seeks to bring things to a potent close while giving this franchise a solid direction.  There were a couple moments where the text was somewhat out of place as it bogged down the pace a bit but for the most part the writer knew exactly when to dial back or avoid these little sidetracks.

The art by Jordan Gunderson is superb.  From the heavy amounts of action to the somber finish I was absolutely addicted to the versatile display.  The visceral panels yielded illustrations that will easily keep any fan engaged by this pleasantly realized body of work.  There were a couple moments where the faces and movements therein looked too stiff for their own but for the most part the amount of times this happened was minimal.

Executive Assistant: Assassins #10 is a very good issue that delivers an emotional climax to this straight forward event.  Recommended.


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