EXCLUSIVE: Humberto Ramos talks SPIDER-MAN

While attending this year’s COMIKAZE Expo, I was able to sit down and speak with a plethora of talented people.

One of the highlights was Spider-Man illustrator: Humberto Ramos.

If you’re ready, scroll on down and see what he had to say!

UTF: I wanted to ask you about your style choices. Because the first time I saw your characters, way back in Peter Parker: Spider-Man, I believe it was Issues #45 to 48, my impression was that it came off as quirky. It took a little bit to process and I’ve often wondered how did you form that style?

Peter Parker-Spider-Man 45_CHumberto Ramos: Art style is difficult to describe. When I was doing that book, Peter Parker: Spider-Man, that story with the Goblin, I had a different view of things. My feedback was different from what it is now. I believe that my style grows and fits from the artists that I follow at the time, and I was searching or looking out for stuff that had nothing to do with what I’m looking out for now. At the end it’s trying to be up to date every day and be aware of what’s cool nowadays. I think my style has to do with a lot of with what I believe people would like to see.

Amazing Spider-Man 667_CUTF: Absolutely. I’d actually like to touch on something that I was really impressed by: your work on Spider-Island.

You had such a large cast of odd characters being transformed into spiders, and you had a few very difficult panels that instantly caught my attention. I have to ask: how long does it take you to get stuff like that done?

Humberto Ramos Original DrawingHumberto Ramos: A day. I’ve got to do a page a day no matter what. I have a personal schedule that I follow. whatever happens. If I can do more, I’ll do more, but I got to do a page a day.

UTF: Got it. That’s great. I also wanted to ask: do you have any projects on the horizon that you would like to tell our fans about?

Fairy QuestHumberto Ramos: I’m currently working on Superior Spider-Man, as you guys know, and eventually next year we’ll come out with the second book of Fairy Quest published by BOOM!  We’re focused on getting the Spider-Man books done so I’ll keep delivering them on time.

I want to take the time to thank Mr. Humberto Ramos for talking with me, it was a privilege to speak with him and meet an industry legend!

But what did you guys think of the interview? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!