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Epic Kill #7 Review

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AOT 25.1

Song is still battling inside her mind, will she finally return to life?

Here is the summary from Image:

Trapped between life and death in a nether zone of imagination, Song awakens just in time to fight alongside her Uncle against government drones and super-powered mercenaries.

Song continues to battle the machinations inside her mind as a government strike team is hot on her and her uncles heels, not only that there is a mysterious man who is also following close behind them. The story is told in three perspective, one in Song’s mind, one from her uncle, and one from the mysterious man following them in the sewer. What results is an issue that tries to create tension and suspense, but falls a bit short of the target.

Raffaele Ienco continues to both script & pencil this series, but both of the aspects suffer from problems this issue. Her uncle continues to carry her unconscious body away from the government agent trying to capture them, heading into to the sewer. He exposits a bit on how they got to this point in a bit of confusing dialogue which when looked at from a real life perspective comes off as a bit odd since Song is well, you know, unconscious. The mysterious man subplot is just thrown out the window when Song wakes up, coming off more as padding than anything else.

The art once again suffers from some inconsistent bits in it, but this mostly occurs during the battles in Song’s head, also while the computer generated looking art style isn’t my thing, it does have it’s merits. Giving a more detailed look for the characters and making some of the other parts of the art standout, such as the environments.

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While trying to create tension, suspense, & action, Epic Kill comes out as a bit clustered and boring. The writing is a bit weak, not adding anything to the overall story and having more padding than actual plot development. The art is also hard to look at in some spots, weakening the book.


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