If you were among the dedicated flock frequenting the Emerald City Comicon than there’s no doubt in my mind that you experienced some bouts of fangasm today.

Spidey sense cosplayMy spider-sense told me that the cosplayers would be out and about, and they were! Strutting their stuff while showing their dedication, as the rest of us were left clamoring for a photo with them.

If you wanted to meet some recognizable celebrities than this was an golden opportunity for it. Whether you sought an emerald archer (Stephen Amell) and a demonic do-gooder (Ron Perlman) there was someone for everyone but be warned you had to brave some serious crowds to do it.

Welcome to Emerald City ComiconBeyond that artists, writers and representatives from IDW, Image, Dark Horse, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, 2000AD, Dynamite, Zenescope and everything in between stuck around to sign, sketch and answer questions from their devoted flock.

But before I ramble any further let me end this because it’s time to recover, for tomorrow we do this one more time!

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I want to say thank you again to the attendees and staff at the Emerald City Comicon, you made this out of towner feel welcome.

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