Elephantmen #61 Review

Elephantmen_61For a series that seems to find itself in some interesting corners, Elephantmen #61 seems to be a rather slow issue. Don’t get me wrong, it is thoroughly enjoyable, but there’s no avoiding how slow things are moving at the moment. Still, maybe that’s a good thing?

The official description from Image:

Sahara, the Red Queen of the City of Angels, must deal with some Demons.
The thing about Elephantmen #61 is the fact that it does have all the right elements. It starts off explosively, adds plenty of action and even attempts to explore a few key character relations/interactions. The problem is, however, that none of these mark any real progression.
A lot of this, obviously, comes down to the writing. I love the world Richard Starking has created, but the title often spends too long on small aspects. This issue is a perfect example. Rather than a more satisfying cliffhanger, Starking teases more of this ‘Red Queen’ nonsense that’s being dragged out for quite a few issues now. I can’t help feel a little cheated, since the rest of the issue is generally quite satisfying, even if the writing takes a back seat and lets the art work do the talking.
Speaking of which, the number of large splash pages here definately give testament to the art team behind the title. Alex Medellin is a talented artist and, given the space to play around in, his watercolor-esque visuals really take off. Medellin adds the right amount of detail via pencils before letting the color do the rest. Backgrounds come in and out of this issue, which can be a little distracting, but when it is there, it’s got enough detail to hold up.
All in all, I still enjoyed this issue but it’s not one I’ll be reading again in a hurry. It’s enjoyable and serves as a quick flick, but some more progression might be needed.
  • + Punch! Splat! Kapow! Fighting!
  • + Looks fantastic!
  • - Little progression
  • - Doesn't add to the overall title

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