Elephantmen #55 Review


Elephantmen_55_previewThere are some titles that pride themselves on the unexpected and originality – Elephantmen #55 may very well be one such example as we come to the close of the current arc.

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Elephantmen #55 is a great example of the series at its best. Although its science-fiction at its core, it’s never been afraid to flirt with other genres when it wants to. This issue holds up the film noir and crime aspects seen previously, but brings them to all new entertaining and engaging levels – yet, at the same time it introduces new sci-fi concepts and further pushes the growing world it sets itself in. The result is a wonderful blend of the two that offers a satisfying conclusion fitting of the noir genre while giving the sci-fi fans plenty of details to read into and look forward to. Also, the main character is a Hippo detective.

In many ways, I think Richard Starkings is showing off with his writing. The idea is fantastic, if simple, yet the script trickles details down to the very end – like a true crime book, you either figure it out earlier or wait until the big reveal. Hip Flask gets plenty of attention here and his interaction with the other characters and issues as a whole is one of the highlights. Likewise, Starking rounds out Jack’s character with a satisfying conclusion. In fact, it would almost be a shame if he doesn’t return.

Visually, Elephantmen #55 has the title’s distinctive style from Alex Medellin. While the sci-fi setting gives way to bright white rooms and futuristic concepts, the shading and hues nonetheless add a touch of noir when they need to. Still, it’s a very vibrant comic when it wants to be, so don’t expect page after page of moody blues.

All in all, this is a well-rounded issue, a great conclusion and an excellent example of why Elephantmen just works. Not a great point for new readers, being the end of an arc, but it’s certainly taking the title to new places and keeping things fresh.

  • + Richard Starkings nails the genre
  • + Crazy sci-fi twists
  • + Big plot shake-ups
  • - Maybe a bit too much to take in

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