Elephantmen #46 Review

More of a one-shot than a continuation of the main storyline, Elephantmen #46 branches into a more unusual story, something that’s always difficult to imagine when discussing a concept akin to Elephantmen.

First, the official description from Image:

The artist behind BULLETPROOF COFFIN returns to ELEPHANTMEN to tell the disturbing tale of Harry Hazard — a man will quite probably fill you with his disease.

The most noticeable aspect of Elephantmen is the artwork. Its detailed, yet simplistic due to a use of flat, yet bright, coloring. Whilst it doesn’t fit the typical gritty side of typical Elephantmen, it does suit the more psychedelic and bizarre themes that run throughout this issue.

As for the story itself, its an interesting side-piece from the main plot. It offers something different, both in art style and the actual topics. Its a small scale story, focusing on just one block of flats. At the center of this is the character of Harry Hazard. Whilst he’s not the most likeable of characters, following a more typical citizen, and the changes resulting from the bizarre future depicted in Elephantmen, makes for a new perspective. In a world of evil corporations and animal hybrids, its interesting to see more of the average person. In this case, its an average person thrown into bigger events and disasters.

That said, there are parts that of this issue that do tie into the bigger story arcs. Whilst nothing new is given away, it does add a little suspense into the mix. Of course, this all depends on you preference for story-telling and timing. Some might see this as filler, but at least interesting and unique filler.

The only main downside is that it offers very little from the main cast. Whilst Hip plays a major part, he’s the only one. This title has a vast setting and cast that its not always going to be possible to include everyone, but this issue only focuses on very small handful of cast, with little development. Then again, as a one-shot story, this is to be expected.

In short, this is a decent read. Whist its certainly a little disturbing, it highlights the darker tones and themes in the series, and offers a little break amidst a larger arc.


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