Eerie #6 Review

With the Holiday’s coming up quickly, everyone can get gift that keeps giving with some holiday horror, well Eerie has you covered with this horror filled holiday. Read on to find out more.

Cousin Eerie is dashing through the snow to wish you tidings for a horrific holiday season! On offer this month are sickening stories of festive phantoms and pernicious pastries from horror comics’ most contemptible creators! Don’t go under the mistletoe!

Anthologies are always a lot of fun because they include a bunch of eerien6p1different stories that are short and to the point. I feel that horror anthologies are a hit or miss for good ones. I will say in this issue of Eerie we have one really great story and two that are okay. The one that I really liked was “Run as fast as you can”, it is a ginger bread man story that is short and sweet. It has some dark tones that really are fun, who would have thought something so cute could be deadly. The other two stories are okay. You have one that is about a witch and another about a murder. They are fine but they were not my favorite stories of the bunch.  They were still neat and I appreciated them but not my cup of tea.

Kelley Jones, and  Landry Q. Walker are pretty great writers. The stories are really creepy and fun but they have some moments that I didn’t care for. I understand that this is a anthology but I wish the story that I did like was longer. I think that they could have done a whole issue on this one story which would have been really cool.

Kelley Jones does double duty as the artist. It is a very dark feel to the comic. I wish that it would have been colored or a little brighter because some the scenes were kind of hard to read.

Eerie #6 is  an issue that I appreciate but didn’t really care for.

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