East of West #8 Review

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Revelations are promised, but are they strong enough to still hold your attention as we exit 2013?  Read on to find out.

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We catch up with the three horsemen and gain insight as to what their greater mission is and what plans they have for the Chosen.

East of West 8_CAs the year comes to end, I have no choice but to say this is easily one series that’s a clear contender for my pick of the year.  Every single issue thus far has been worth the price of admission as they hit me emotionally with a truly toned presence.  The creative team stands tall as they proves that properties can embrace the strange and bizarre while still finding their own unique audience.  In short: my fellow fanboys and fangirls this is one title everyone should be buying.

Jonathan Hickman penned the script and I have to say the scribe astounded me with the dialogue found within the confines of this sordid act.  Once again the solicitation for it was rather misleading, as we instead get a tale focused on the corruption of power.  Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say that what we’re given is a hard pill to swallow.  The ravages of a tyrannical force that’s bent on the assured apocalypse carry a frightful impact as we reach a conclusion that, like the rest, is sure to keep jaws squarely on the floor.  It’s a tough text with little flaws here and there that do nothing to stop the sparkle and sheen.

The franchise artist, Nick Dragotta, once again does an outstanding job with detailed visualizations that should make anyone jealous.  What this talent accomplishes with his pencil is uncanny, from the detailed structures to the brilliantly realized players there’s a lot to love.  It should also be noted that the colors by Frank Martin once again allow this intricate designs to simply pop off the page.  The final presentation is an outstanding feat that’s sure to turn heads.

East of West #8 is near perfect, as it left me in awe while earning this score.  Highly recommended.



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