East of West #6 Review

Does this series still pack enough suspense and action to justify its setting?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


The work of the Chosen is revealed as the RANGER is recruited to hunt down and kill Death.

If you’re one of the few that haven’t been keeping up with this franchise, first let me say: shame on you!  To put it lightly you’re missing out on something that has the makings to be truly spectacular.  I honestly believe between the skill and insight of this creative team we’re seeing the birth of a saga that might just become something more than the mere sum of its continuing parts. We have a love story, suspense, drama every emotion that comprises the human experience all centered around an alternate timeline that asks its followers to take a leap of faith.

Jonathan Hickman pens the script and I’m going to do my best not to overly gush over what he’s delivered here but it’s hard not to.  What we have in this specific venture is a tale that takes place removed, at the moment, from our primary protagonist as it instead introduces a new group of players that are destined to have a massive impact on the narrative as a whole.  From the first page to final panel the prowess of this talent is self-evident in a way that just invites praise.  The author accepts many bits of science fiction and fantasy lore, while keeping the entire journey grounded in the motif of a classic western.

The art by Nick Dragotta as always is jaw-drop worthy.  He carries a finessed skill that builds a world which seems unbelievable in a way but still manages to yield familiarity.  Like the text I’ve endured a very difficult time attempting to lobby any complaints about this birth of work, as the talent continues to be the steadfast backbone for this saga. To sum up: the illustrations are, beyond a doubt, worth the price of admission.

East of West #6 is a must-own.  Grab your saddle and prepare for a highly recommended ride.


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