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Garth Ennis’ Red Team #1

Written By: Garth Ennis

Art By: Craig Cernak

Covers By: Howard Chaykin and Ryan Sook

Description: PART ONE: The First-Timers. Eddie Mellinger, Trudy Giroux, Duke Wylie and George Winburn are Red Team: the NYPD’s elite anti-narcotics unit. They’ve taken down one drug lord after another with a careful blend of meticulous surveillance and applied violence, but their latest case has even them stumped. Their frustration leads them to take extreme measures- setting them on a path from which there can be no coming back. As they’re about to discover, doing the wrong thing can be very, very seductive.

32 pages, $3.99.

The Shadow: Year One #1

Written By: Matt Wagner

Art By: Wilfredo Torres

Covers By: Matt Wagner, Alex Ross, Chris Samnee and Howard Chaykin

Description: The Shadow is a character that has lasted through decades on the pages of pulp magazines, over the radio airwaves, thru the silver screen, and in the panels of comic books. Shrouded in mystery, his origins have been explored and hinted at over the years…but never fully revealed. Much is known of Kent Allard/Lamont Cranston’s years spent in the Orient and Central America–wherein he gains his powers and purpose…but not how he first developed his persona as the Master of Darkness. Eisner Award-winning author, Matt Wagner is joined by artist Wilfredo Torres in an exhilarating 8-issue limited series that will explore the dynamic events that first drew Cranston back to the States, how he first met his companion and lover, Margo Lane, how he began to assemble his vast network of agents and how he first adopted the famous black hat and cloak as his alter-ego’s disguise–all secrets that, up until now… only The Shadow knew!

32 pages, $3.99.

Vampirella Strikes #2

Written By: Tom Sniegoski

Art By: Johnny Desjardins

Covers By: Desjardins and Fabiano Neves

Description: To understand the ways of the fallen angels, Vampirella must seek out the assistance of Janus, a former soldier in the legion of Heaven, who walks the line between the damned and divine. But someone would rather the pair never meet, as a horde of street people — under the influence of a deadly new, body-twisting drug made from the blood of an Archangel — are sent to deal with them. Vampirella’s mission for Heaven could be over before it’s even begun.

32 pages, $3.99.

Vampirella #28

Written By: Brandon Jerwa

Art By: Heubert Kahn Michael

Covers By: Fabiano Neves, Paul Renaud and Lucio Parrillo

Description: THEORIES OF RELATIVITY: Part 2 (of 2)–Vampirella’s mother Lilith claims she’s not the same evil manipulator she used to be, and she’s willing to go to great lengths…er, depths… to prove it! Also in this issue: The origin stories of Criswell and The Conjuress are concluded!

32 pages, $3.99.

Masks #4

Written By: Chris Roberson

Art By: Dennis Calero

Covers By: Alex Ross, Ardian Syaf, Jae Lee and Paul Renaud

Description: With the law twisted and perverted to benefit the unjust, those who serve justice have no choice but to operate outside the law. The Spider digs into the shadowy past of the new governor, but what he finds raises more questions than it answers. Back in New York City, the Shadow and Green Hornet are marshaling their forces, as vigilantes and heroes like the Green Lama, Miss Fury, and the Black Terror join their cause.

Meanwhile, a blind lawyer and a fugitive artist find themselves standing alone against the might of the Black Legions.

32 pages, $3.99.

The Shadow #11

Written By: Victor Gischler

Art By: Aaron Campbell

Covers By: Alex Ross, Jack Herbert, Tim Bradstreet and Francesco Francavilla

Description: The pulse-pounding conclusion to REVOLUTIONARY! El Rey and his enforcer the Black Sparrow have hatched a scheme to seize control of Spain from the ashes of the Civil War. Who can stop this mad would-be dictator and his lust for power? Only the Shadow! With the help of Miles Crofton and George Owell, the Shadow must infiltrate El Rey’s castle to strike at the villain in his own lair. Who lives? Who dies? The Shadow Knows!

32 pages, $3.99.

Evil Ernie #5

Written By: Jesse Blaze Snider

Art By: Jason Craig

Cover By: Ardian Syaf, Dan Brereton, Kyle Hotz and Stephen Segovia

Description: ORIGIN OF EVIL PART 5!

Writer Jesse Blaze Snider & artist Jason Craig continue their relaunch of everyone’s favorite undead anti-hero!

32 pages, $3.99.

Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin #2

Written By: Jim Butcher and Mark Powers

Art By: Joseph Cooper

Cover By: Ardian Syaf

Description: An original comic series set in the official Dresden Files continuity! Still reeling from the events of Fool Moon, Harry’s been hired by a small-town Deputy Sheriff to look into a series of bizarre deaths linked to a singularly unfortunate family named the Talbots. Far from his usual Windy City stomping grounds, Mr. Dresden has nevertheless found some very familiar obstacles — hostile law enforcement officials, reluctant civilians, and people protecting secrets. Oh, and at least one supernatural threat that isn’t about to go down without a fight — or at all.

32 pages, $3.99.

Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Fool Moon Volume 2 HC

Written By: Jim Butcher and Mark Powers

Art By: Chase Conley

Cover By: Tyler Walpole

Description: The star of Jim Butcher’s New York Times bestselling novel series, The Dresden Files, Harry Dresden is a private investigator whose clients require a detective with supernatural expertise — in other words, he’s a wizard for hire. The Windy City has been hit with an outbreak of savage werewolf attacks — a case made even more chaotic and challenging by the fact that Harry’s uncovered no less than three lycanthropic groups, each seemingly in conflict with one another. On top of that, Harry’s lost the faith of his one friend and ally among the Chicago Police Department, Karrin Murphy. Now she, along with werewolves and hostile FBI Agents, hunts Harry while he races against the rise of the next full moon to discover who — or what — is behind the string of murders!

112 pages, $24.99.

Damsels #6

Written By: Leah Moore and John Reppion

Art By: Aneke

Cover By: Joseph Michael Linsner

Description: From the tales of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Snow White comes Damsels! As Rapa, Red, Talia and Heinrich journey through the Enchanted Forest toward Villeneuve, Rapa’s memories begin to return in earnest. The royal cavalcade is ambushed on the road to the kingdom, forcing Queens Talia and Rapunzel to fight for their lives. Meanwhile Queen Belle, plagued by her conscience begins to wonder if she herself might be cursed.

32 pages, $3.99.

The Bionic Man vs. The Bionic Woman #2

Written By: Keith Champagne

Art By: Jose Luis

Covers By: Sean Chen and Jonathan Lau

Description: ARTIFICIAL (Part 2): With Steve Austin missing and feared dead, Oscar Goldman coerces Jamie Sommers back into the OSI to track him down. Each step Jamie takes brings her closer to the serial killer known as Trench– and a bionic showdown that will shake the pillars of Heaven.

32 pages, $3.99.

The Bionic Man #19

Written By: Aaron Gillespie

Art By: Ed Tadeo

Covers By: Mike Mayhew and Ed Tadeo

Description: After fighting his way into the heart of enemy territory, the Bionic Man is forced to go deep undercover. Once there, Steve positions himself to not only complete his mission but to help the war torn country of Libue in the process. Little does he know a new player has entered the game and they have the United States in the crosshairs!

32 pages, $3.99.

Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #3

Written By: Leah Moore and John Reppion

Art By: Matt Triano

Cover By: Francesco Francavilla

Description: At William Brown Museum, Holmes and Watson examine the clawed remains of curator Christopher Connor and find themselves on the trail of a mysterious missing object. Inspector Thornton has to deal with the bloody aftermath of crime lord Drummond’s somewhat unorthodox approach to dog fighting, while down at the docks a visit is paid to a vessel by the name of Matilda Briggs.

32 pages, $3.99.

Warlord of Mars #28

Written By: Arvid Nelson

Art By: Leandro Oliveira

Covers By: Joe Jusko and Lucio Parrillo

Description: John Carter’s murder investigation has lead him to the frozen wastes of the Martian North, where things are really heating up. He uncovers evidence of a conspiracy aimed at destroying the fragile peace on Mars, but who is behind it, and why? Carter has no shortage of suspects, and all of his leads are turning into dead ends ñ literally! He’s going to have to use his brains as well as his blade to uncover the truth. Warlord of Mars #28: Black Dawn. Part 3 of the terrific “Savages of Mars” story arc!

32 pages, $3.99.

Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #24

Written By: Robert Place Napton

Art By: Carlos Rafael

Covers By: Paul Renaud and Fabiano Neves

Description: Dejah and Kantos Kan try to keep an upstart princess alive as they are hunted by a ruthless Assassin in one of the most dangerous regions of Barsoom!

32 pages, $3.99.

Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars #1

Written By: Mark Rahner

Art By: Lui Antonio

Cover By: Jay Anacleto

Description: The princess of Helium is kidnapped and taken to the underground cave hideaway of the brutal rogue Thark, Voro, who threatens to destroy the recent peace between the red-skinned Heliumites and the green-skinned Tharks. But Voro doesn’t want a ransom. He’s a butcher. For Tharks who never lost their taste for red meat, common Helium women are always in demand, but the incomparable Dejah Thoris will be the rarest of delicacies.

32 pages, $3.99.

Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris Volume 3 — The Boora Witch TP

Written By: Robert Place Napton

Art By: Carlos Rafael and Marcio Fiorito

Cover By: Paul Renaud

Description: The Great Toonolian Marshes — one of the most feared places in Barsoom with 1800 miles of marsh land infested with exotic and dangerous creatures. Dejah Thoris, along with her new pilot Kantos Kan, ventures into this foreboding region on an expeditionary mission to find desperately needed minerals. While exploring, Dejah is possessed by “The Boora Witch,” an ancient, demonic creature. Unknown to anyone, The Witch takes control of Dejah and starts spinning a web that could destroy Helium once and for all! Dejah has overcome many enemies, but can she overcome the enemy within? This volume also features the stand-alone story of Dejah’s journey into the Kaolian Forest and her encounter with the dreaded giant insects known as the Sith!

136 pages, $19.99.

Lord of the Jungle #14

Written By: Arvid Nelson

Art By: Roberto Castro

Cover By: Lucio Parrillo

Description: The final showdown between everyone’s favorite ape-man and his arch-nemesis, Russian super-spy Nicholas Rokoff. For their arena, the two men have the ruins of Opar, the lost city of gold in the heart of Africa. Rokoff takes the upper hand by enslaving the primitive denizens of Opar, but it’s going to take a lot more than an army of depraved man-beasts to stop our hero from rescuing his true love, Jane. There’s only one problem: does Jane love the ape-man back? Action, adventure, romance, lost wonders of the ancient world… Lord of the Jungle #14 is the thrilling conclusion to the Return of the Jungle Lord story arc. It’s pulp fiction in all its unsubtle glory!

32 pages, $3.99.

George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones #15

Written By: George R.R. Martin and Daniel Abraham

Art By: Tommy Patterson

Cover By: Mike Miller

Description: George R. R. Martin’s fantasy masterpiece continues. With her unborn son proclaimed “the stallion who mounts the world,” Daenarys has more cause than ever to rejoice in her marriage to Khal Drogo. But when her brother, the mad Viserys, demands his promised crown, Dany’s future takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Robert Baratheon is mortally wounded while hunting. Robert decrees that Eddard Stark shall be Lord Regent until Prince Joffrey comes of age, but Eddard knows the boy is no son of the dying king’s. Yet where in this serpent’s nest of intrigue can he turn for help to secure the throne for the rightful heir? And in the frozen north, Jon Snow, newly promoted to the Black Watch, suffers a shock to his pride-and takes the next fateful step toward his destiny.

32 pages, $3.99.

Pathfinder  #6

Written By: Jim Zub

Art By: Andrew Huerta

Covers By: Lucio Parillo, Matteo Scalera, Tyler Walpole and Erik Jones

Description: Under an ominous formation of stars, the chaotic evil god Lamashtu has sent its spawn forth to wreck havoc and conquer in its mother’s name. Bloodied and nearly driven mad, the Pathfinder adventurers must stand together in final battle against its destructive might. Paizo’s incredible award-winning fantasy world, fiction line and tabletop RPG is now the ultimate fantasy comic from Dynamite Entertainment. Includes over 5 pages of character profiles and Pathfinder RPG game statistics, plus an EXCLUSIVE removable, playable tactical map and poster.

32 pages, $3.99.

Jennifer Blood #24

Written By: Al Ewing

Art By: Kewber Baal

Cover By: Mike Mayhew

Description: June 6th, 1965. Samuel Victor Blute is thirteen years old in a time and place that doesn’t give a damn about tender years or innocence. And over the course of one long and bloody summer’s day, he makes the choice that will define him – and his family – for the rest of their lives.

32 pages, $3.99.

Jennifer Blood: First Blood #6

Written By: Mike Carroll

Art By: Igor Vitorino

Cover By: Mike Mayhew

Description: Jen has taken her first solid steps on the road to revenge, and she knows that if she’s to survive, she has to see this through to the end. And that means finally dealing with Wendell Cortland, a man she’s known since she was five years old. There’s no going back now… She must set aside her old life and fully embrace what she knows she must become: Jennifer Blood.

32 pages, $3.99.

Garth Ennis’ Battlefields #4: The Fall and Rise of Anna Kharkova Part 1

Written By: Garth Ennis

Art By: Garry Leach

Cover By: Garry Leach

Description: The heroine of The Night Witches and Motherland flies straight into trouble as her aircraft is shot down behind German lines. Anna faces her worst nightmare as a prisoner of the Nazis, and events are set in motion that will see her made an outcast amongst her own people. The third and last installment of the Night Witches’ story begins here.

32 pages, $3.99.

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #6

Written By: Steve Darnall and Alex Ross

Art By: Jonathan Lau

Covers By: Alex Ross and Stephen Segovia

Description: In “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” the Inventor ponders his assault on Manhattan, while Thunderbolt encounters the powerful and mysterious Adam and Eve–and we learn the tragic story of the man known as the Hooded One!

32 pages, $3.99.

Army of Darkness Vol. 3 #11

Written By: Elliott R. Serrano

Art By: Dietrich Smith

Cover By: Daniel Leister

Description: After the events of last issue, Ashley J. Williams and his mini-deadite sidekick Sam find themselves looking for a way back to the present. Unfortunately for them, dark forces are working to ensure that they remain lost in the time stream. How will Ash and Sam overcome the odds when faced by a resurrected King Montezuma who wants to feed them to the Old Ones? Forget what the Mayans said, It’s the Aztec Apocalypse baby, and all that stands between us and it is a chainsaw, a boomstick and a chin!

32 pages, $3.99.

Red Sonja #77

Written By: Brandon Jerwa

Art By: Sergio Fernandez Davila

Cover By: Lucio Parrillo

Description: “THE CRIMSON WELL (Part 2 of 6): Sonja finds herself the unwilling traveling companion for a band of bounty hunters, and her deteriorating physical and mental state isn’t much help. Can anyone help her overcome the strange impulses that threaten to take over her very soul? And what does it have to do with the shadowy man who keeps appearing in fragments of her memories?

32 pages, $3.99.

Red Sonja: Unchained #1

Written By: Peter V. Brett

Art By: Jack Jadson

Cover By: Mel Rubi

Description: Picking up where Peter V. Brett’s Red Sonja: Blue one-shot left off, with Sonja fleeing the scene of a murder after killing a young man who tried to test her vow. Bereft of her signature chain-mail and the reputation that goes with it, she must rely on her wits and her sword as she embarks on a new series of adventures. Guilt-ridden, penniless and on the run, she is unaware that the innocent blood she spilled has awakened the dark spirit of the demon whose pelt she wears.

32 pages, $3.99.

Queen Sonja Volume 5: Ascendancy TP

Written By: Luke Lieberman

Art By: Fritz Casas

Cover By: Lucio Parillo

Description: Ever since she took the throne of Sogoria, Sonja’s journey has been leading to something greater still. Her small kingdom threw off the shackles of an empire only to see terrorism, revolt, and finally the brutality of Thulsa Doom. Starved, shocked, and near desperation, Sonja’s people now openly revolt against her rule. She turns to the only wealthy Baron to levy taxes and feed the people, but he has a better idea — attack the empire! Open assault on the Emoran Empire is suicide, but to Sonja war is a form of art. Through the skillful use of deception, assassination, and manipulation, she plunges the fiefdoms of Emora into confusion and chaos, while feeding her tiny kingdom off Emoran crops. This is only the first act, her real designs are on the crown itself, and the reformation of the corrupt Empire, with her atop the throne as Empress Sonja! Collecting issues #21-25 of the Queen Sonja series, along with a complete cover gallery.

128 pages, $19.99.

The Spider #9

Written By: David Liss

Art By: Ivan Rodriguez

Cover By: Francesco Francavilla

Description: Sabotage! Murder! A crazed hypnotist out for revenge! Terrorists are plotting to destroy Wentworth Industries while the mesmerist who calls himself The Hater targets The Spider’s closest allies. With the clock ticking and lives in the balance, The Spider must figure out how to be in two places at once ñ and how to stop a friend used as a puppet to commit murder.

32 pages, $3.99.

Green Hornet #36

Written By: Jai Nitz

Art By: Jethro Morales

Cover By: Stephen Sadowski

Description: Snowfall blankets the city and peace is restored. The aftermath of the Hornet’s Reign arc leaves Century City without heroes and villains alike. That’s why there’s no one to stop the madman who is stealing bodies from the city’s morgues and funeral homes. Who can stop the dead from rising when the Green Hornet is dead?

32 pages, $3.99.

The Lone Ranger Vol. 2 #14

Written By: Ande Parks

Art By: Esteve Polls

Cover By: Francesco Francavilla

Description: Continuing a series of stand-alone, single issue tales. Blood, dust and vengeance in the Wild West. The Lone Ranger and Tonto join a posse on the trail of a cold-blooded killer. What they find at the end of the chase is a ghost from Tonto’s own past… a man Tonto had a chance to kill, but left alive at the cost of countless others. Now, the West’s most iconic heroes must weigh the killer’s fate ag

32 pages, $3.99.

Dark Shadows #15

Written By: Mike Raicht

Art By: Guiu Vilanova

Cover By: Francesco Francavilla

Description: Emotionally and physically fractured, the Collins family is on the edge of destruction! With Barnabas at his weakest and facing off against his darkest foe, David and Emma make a mysterious new friend. Can Quentin and Willie bring them all back from the Abyss? Perhaps the better question to be asked is should they?

32 pages, $3.99.

Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #34

Written By: Robert Jordan and Chuck Dixon

Art By: Francis Nuguit

Cover By: Adam Moore

Description: Ba’alzamon, the Great Lord of the Dark, has finally found the one he’s looking for — Rand — and they finally meet, face to face… It’s the penultimate chapter of Robert Jordan’s masterpiece, The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World!

32 pages, $3.99.

Bloodtrial TP

Written By: Matt Cochran

Art By: Dean Ruben Hyrapiet

Cover By: Dean Ruben Hyrapiet

Description: A Dynamite/Liquid release! Prisoner Etu, racked with guilt, re-lives the decision which led to the destruction of his tribe at the hands of an unthinkable monster generations before. The year is 1867 and nestled among the majestic mountains of the Pacific Northwest lies a Native American village on the verge of extinction. When its inhabitants become suspicious of a strange family who choose to live apart from the rest, young Etu trails the family to a camp deep in the woods only to discover that they possess inconceivable powers! When Etu reveals what he has witnessed to the tribe, his father, a powerful Witchdoctor, discloses the identity of the family and the spell he cast on them years before. An edict to exterminate the family at all costs is passed down — but when confronted by their powers, the plan only sets in motion the birth of a curse more evil than any of them could have imagined!

64 pages, $7.99.

SOURCE: Comics Continuum