Double Feature… Keep an Eye on this Digital Line

In the world of comics, there aren’t usually any surprises. I mean… there’s the regular superhero offerings made by the Big Two, Marvel and DC, and then the more ‘indie’ fare of Image and Dark Horse. Now, there’s also a fair mixture of legitimate independent publishing houses mixed in among them, but because they’re so small, you have to do your fair share of hunting to get ahold of them.

Behold Double Feature… a new digital publishing line from the guys at Four Star Studios that featuring some of the most original comics on the market. Their philosophy is simple, cut out the expensive parts of creating comics, like paper copies, and focus on producing a bunch of great stories. The result is pretty phenomenal… and as if that wasn’t enough on its own, everything’s creator owned, and the creators are a pretty well known lot in the world of comics.

Don’t believe us? Go check out their catalogue here. Not to sound like a fanboy… but I’m totally a Double Feature fanboy now.