Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #5 Review


The fifth issue in the mini series brings the fifth Doctor (that’s Peter Davidson for those keeping track). The last issue had a nice blend of old versus new, so how does this current issue fair?

The official description from IDW:

Our yearlong celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary continues! TBD, as the Fifth Doctor takes the spotlight in this issue of a 12-part epic adventure featuring all 11 incarnations of the Doctor!

This issue features a lighthearted romp featuring the Doctor (obviously) and companions (also obviously). Yet this issue features the Rutan and Sontarans… two races that haven’t been featured side by side before. Call it a better budget or creativity, but this issue is again showing what can be achieved with a little imagination and not having to rely on men in bad suits.

A lot of this, of course, can be put down in the writing. Once again, Scott & David Tipton take the title in places the TV show couldn’t go for various reasons. The Rutan and the Sontaran have never been featured together, to the best of my knowledge, despite being at war with each other. I’ve also got to give credit to the Tiptons for adding more of an overall story arc to this issue, something I’ve highlighted as missing in previous issues.

As for the art, Phillip Bond offers enough detail with Charlie Kirchoff offering striking colors to offer highlights. In terms of portrayal, the Rutans get the better light, being a race that hasn’t been ‘updated’ in the show. The Sontaran design is somewhere between old and new, which fits wonderfully to the Doctor in question, neither bending nor ignoring fans either side of the spectrum. Either way, they still look like angry potatoes.

All in all, this could be one of the better issues for Prisoners Of Time, As a stand alone issue, its not very deep, yet its fun to read and suits a one-shot. As part of the series, it teases more of the actual story whilst providing plenty of fun in-between. Which ever way you look at it, its hard to not come out being rather happy about it.




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