Doctor Who #5 Review


A new adventure brings both new and old together in Doctor Who #5. With a luxury star-ship, an older character reintroduced and an exciting plot, there’s more than enough for any fan to sink their teeth into.

The official description from IDW:

Andy Diggle returns! The Doctor books a trip for Amy and Rory on a luxury star-liner for a little rest and relaxation after their recent adventures. But when the Doctor crosses paths with a thief from his past, any thoughts of peace go right out the porthole!

This issue sets up what looks to be a very exciting issue. A quick introduction quickly sets up the trio of Rory, Amy and The Doctor on an star-cruiser in space. With various aliens aboard, it provides a very lively setting. Yet there’s more to this issue than its looks, the dialogue and plot exposes a darker side to this new setting, including a conflict between various races. The title draws on various themes of oppression that are sure to come to light in later parts of this story, but for now none the less add depth and meaning to the setting.

This is a very futuristic setting, and its something that is achieved best in printed form. Some of the aliens featured in here look awesome and, unlike the TV show, not a man in a costume or body suit. Its always great to see what Doctor Who can pull off without a budget or practical, physical restraints.

Furthermore, this issue also includes Christina De Souza, a character who appears in a one-off special during the tenth doctors reign on TV. Using a character like this is a genius decision by the writing team. Although already featured, her story was left rather open and unexplored, which is taken to full effect here.

The only, major problem with including Christina De Souza is her appearance. The artwork doesn’t always pick on many facial details, but the only way she’s recognizable as her character is because the comic has to tell you so. I don’t know whether this is through the artwork, or simply having the rights to the character, but not the original actresses likeness. If its the latter, it can’t really be held against the team for making the best of a poor situation.

The dialogue itself also teases information that hints at older issues, too, including a certain vault in Utah that may or may not have been visited by the 9th Doctor. The inclusion of previous settings, plots and associates combined with the New Doctor is something seldom explored in this series, but it certainly shows its full potential here.



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