Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time #11 Review


Doctor_Who_Prisoners_Of_TimeThe penultimate issue is here! This time it’s Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #11 with the Eleventh Doctor, but this time the plot is much more prominent. With so few issues left to go, how are things looking for the big 50th anniversary celebrations?

The official description from IDW:

Our yearlong celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary continues! Geronimo! The Eleventh Doctor joins the fray in this issue of a 12-part epic adventure featuring all 11 incarnations of the Doctor. Now that the Doctor has uncovered the true identity of his latest adversary, he must track him through time and space for a final confrontation!

This issue is a change up in format, and it’s a wise call. We already know the plot so the story quickly heads into the ‘Doctor loses his companion’ stage and then carries on further, doing more than the slight tease shown with Prisoners of Time #10. The latter Doctor_Who_Prisoners_Of_Time_11half really helps and, even if it is over the top, carries much more poignant and tone then the rest.

Scott and David Tipton once again show a keen understanding of the Doctor. The dialogue torments him as a character, highlighting themes that he doesn’t want to hear about and putting him on edge. We’ve seen the Doctor do a lot of whimsical and brilliant, but what would be a year long celebration without showing the darker side? Fitting, too, that it’s the eleventh Doctor, who has a small penchant for it.

Visually, however, the title isn’t amazing. Matthew Dow Smith’s artwork will suffice, but its very loose at parts, or that might just be the added, moody shading and duller colors from Charlie Kirchoff. Honestly, a ‘moody atmosphere’ doesn’t mean ‘whey, let’s get it out the dark blues and greys’. Not everything is noir.

At its heart, however, this issue delivers well enough. We came here for one thing, to see the Doctor, and the writing holds that up well. The real proof of the pudding, however, is going to be the last and final issue – can it really fit eleven Doctors into one issue?




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