Deadly Class #11 Review

For everything it’s teased, Deadly Class #11 delivers on its promises. This issue is jam-packed with the action it’s been promising and teasing. Yet, at the same time, it doesn’t forget its roots either; this is still a story about teenage killers and all the relative drama that comes with.

First of all, the official description from Image:

Marcus and Maria fight for their life, and their love, as the sins of their past come crashing down all around them, wielding Uzis, shotguns, and machetes. Steel your nerves for the heart-pounding finale to the second arc of RICK REMENDER and WES CRAIG’s DEADLY CLASS.

Deadly Class_11_coverFrom the continuation of last month’s cliffhanger to the very last page, this issue builds on the ground work of the last few. Long time readers will be very satisfied, although I think new readers might be able to enjoy it too. This is Deadly Class when it comes to reap what it sows, and fortunately, the guns-blazing approach really works well in this set up.

A lot of this comes down to the writing; Rick Remender keeps the pace up at all times, but isn’t afraid to experiment. The sliding panels, for instance, are just one example that works well with the chaotic nature of the title. In between all this, Remender does deal with a lot of the personal conflicts and, while this might annoy some or get in the way of the main events, it’s important to the series that it isn’t dropped.

Visually, this issue may still make or break some fans. Wes Craig has some skill with pencils, and a clear talent for perspective and anatomy can be seen through his loose style of drawing. However, I still find the colors somewhat lacking, as the striking visuals from Lee Loughridge aren’t very impactful when spread across an entire comic. Scenes that should be important, for instance, simple don’t pop the way they should.

All in all, however, this is a very strong entry for the series. As it closes its second arc, I think there’s a strong immediate future ahead for Deadly Class.

  • + Action-packed conclusion!
  • + Quick paced developments
  • + Well written
  • - Art style might annoy some

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