Catwoman Gets A Breasts Reduction

New DC Logo Banner Catwoman Gets A Breasts Reduction

DC caught a lot of flack a few months ago when they released the blatantly oversexed cover of Catwoman #0, drawn by Guillem March. There were numerous parodies, including one by March himself. Major complaints included the impossibility of the pose, the alteration of Catwoman’s anatomy to overly emphasize her breasts and butt, and the generally poor quality of the art:

Catwoman0CoverA Catwoman Gets A Breasts Reduction

Now DC has responded to those criticisms by revealing a new cover for the issue, also drawn by March:

Catwoman0CoverB 455x700 Catwoman Gets A Breasts Reduction

Several changes have been made, including zipping up her suit, greater visibility for Selina’s back and legs (which actually helps desexualize the image a bit), breast and butt reduction, and changes to her face. Every aspect of the image has been improved, and the new ink and color job in particular are great. Here’s a side by side comparison:

Catwoman0CoverComparison Catwoman Gets A Breasts Reduction

So what do you think? Are you pleased with the new cover, or do you secretly (shamefully) prefer the original?

(Yes, I’m aware that my title for this article is, in itself, exploitative. Sorry, but it gets more readers. Them’s the breaks.)

Catwoman #0 hits stores next week.

Source: DCWKA, DC

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  • Fats Mclemlich

    I definitely dig the new cover, but it’s still a proliferation of the hyper sexualized superheroine… but I’ll still shamelessly ogle

  • Manuel Soto

    The ink and color is more vibrant on the second one for sure but as far as the image and pose I like the first one better. Art is meant to do the impossible so I find the complaint of the pose pretty ignorant. Wanting them to be more like real women because a few girls might feel bad is ridiculous. We have become to scared of our own self expression. These characters are not “real” women to begin with so wanting them to look more real and complaining about it kinda gets on my nerves (unless it was meant to look more real to begin with). Women need to stop complaining, guys deal with the same kinda crap all the time the only difference is we don’t get upset and cry over batman being stronger and looking taller than most of us (at least for the most part). I know there are a few women who aren’t complaining but it is an overall truth.

    • Fats Mclemlich

      Well, here’s the thing…

      Catwoman is drawn that way to fuel male fantasy, but so is Batman. Batman is what every man wishes they were (strong, brave, rich), and Catwoman is the type of woman that men wish they had. It all feeds into a male perspective.

      Now, if you look at a female heroine created by a female artist, you’ll see that the drawings are not as ridiculously exploitative.

  • Kevin Cassarino

    waah fuckin waah…

  • Kilo

    The new cover blows. Hey critics, stop being douches!

  • Shojo Bakunyu

    It just looks like she dropped a few pounds… I don’t see much of a difference other than that… I’m a Chick but I don’t understand the freak out about this cover, either one… What do you expect? It’s a comic book. The men are all super-men, no pun intended, and the women can fly and wear Lycra. Just look up the Johnen Vasquez parody of all comic books…

  • Matelinux

    The First Cover it was Owesome..

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