DC COMICS Bringing EARTH 2 Into A Multiverse War


DC has been slowly rebuilding its multiverse in the New 52. First, we were introduced to Earth 2, which is home to the re-imagined Golden Age heroes, and this past summer we learned that the villainous counterparts from Earth 3 were responsible for the Trinity War, and now they’ve invaded Earth Prime (or whatever the main New 52 Earth is called) in Forever Evil. We also know that for September 2014, DC is busting out another event by fast-forwarding the timeline five years in Five Years Later, similar to the 2006 event One Year Later.

Well now it would seem that much like Trinity War was a precursor to Forever Evil, DC will be igniting another war to kick off Five Years Later. According to Bleeding Cool, next summer will see the current conflict between Earth Prime and Earth 3 extend over to Earth 2. Whether this means that the Earth 3 villains will invade Earth 2 or the Earth Prime heroes are somehow dumped onto Earth 2 remains to be seen.

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I knew this was going to happen. Look, DC is my favorite comic book company and their books are the only ones I’m buying month-to-month, but at times their planning can be a bit predictable. Earlier this year, it was hinted that DC was planning something big for Earth 2 in 2014. When we eventually found out that the Earth 3 characters would be the true villains of Forever Evil, it didn’t take long to figure out that eventually Earth 2 would be thrown into the mix.

That being said, this does sound like it could be fun, even if the idea itself is unoriginal. Other than Power Girl and Huntress being trapped on Earth Prime and the opening arc of Batman/Superman, there hasn’t been much crossover with Earth 2 in the New 52. I hope that rather than just having the Earth 2 heroes fighting the Earth 3 villains (if that’s who the antagonists end up being), we’ll get some interaction between the Earth 2 and Prime characters. Barry Allen meeting Jay Garrick. Hal Jordan (or Simon Baz, since he seems to be the Earth Green Lantern right now) meeting Alan Scott. Even unrelated characters meeting, like Hawkgirl hanging out with Wonder Woman. As old as the idea is, I do enjoy a good old fashioned alternate Earth team-up story, and it’s about time that Earth 2 is pulled into the larger DC universe.


SOURCE: Bleeding Cool