DC Adds EARTH 2: WORLD’S END As Third Weekly Series, Our Wallets Cry Out In Pain


In case two weekly series weren’t enough for your pull list, DC has announced Earth 2: World’s End as their third weekly book alongside Batman: Eternal and Futures End. Releasing in October 2014, the creative team consists of Tom Taylor (current Earth 2 scribe), Daniel H. Wilson, Paul Levitz (current World’s Finest scribe), Marguerite Bennet and Mike Johnson writing the series, with Eddy Barrows, Jorge Jimenez, Stephen Segovia, Paulo Siqeira and Tyler Kirkham providing artwork.


World’s End will follow the heroes of the alternate universe Earth 2. The book was alluded to in February when DC’s September event was announced. Dan Didio described the series as “world-building” and having direct implications the Futures End series. Wilson, described as the “showrunner,” was especially excited working with this creative team and the Earth 2 characters.

This has been a charmed opportunity to jump straight into the deep end of a gritty, complex DC Comics series. I feel incredibly lucky to work with Mike Cotton and the rest of the legendary DC team, figuring out the ultimate fates (and sometimes origins) of so many compelling Earth 2 characters in crisis. I’m having the time of my life.

It’s obvious what’s going on here. If they weren’t doing it directly before, they’re pushing it even further now: DC Comics is trying to bankrupt us. Why else would they throw three weekly books at us? Even if you’re not following Batman: Eternal (though it’s amazing), DC has already said that Futures End and Earth 2: World’s End will be connected. Now if it’s one of those deals where you can read one without the other (i.e. reading both enhances the experience, but isn’t crucial), then I’ll shut up, but since Futures End is being advertised as the New 52 “Crisis” event, it’s doubtful that’s the case.


Still, this does raise the question of how World’s End affects the Earth 2 universe. There’s a lot to note in the first picture, like Doctor Fate’s helmet, the Alan Scott Green Lantern tossing his ring away, or Apokolips in the back. However, two things have especially piqued my interest.

First, that Superman is most certainly not the Clark Kent version. For those not reading Earth 2, a Kryptonian boy named Val-Zod was recently introduced. Like Kal-El, Val was sent away from Krytpon before its destruction, but arrived later. Landing on Earth, he was found by Terry Sloane and hidden in an underground bunker cut off from sunlight. As a result, he never discovered his powers. The Earth 2 heroes have recently freed him and hope he can take on the evil Earth 2 Superman serving Apokolips. The picture indicates that Val will become the new Superman of Earth 2.

Second, Huntress and Power Girl are with the Earth 2 Batman and Superman. The two super heroines have been stuck on Earth Prime in the World’s Finest book, but this picture implies that they will somehow return to Earth 2 either before or during the series.

There’s not much we know about World’s End (my primary question being whether the Earth 2 monthly will be cancelled to make room for this), but more information is expected in the coming weeks. Either way, if you were planning to use your hard-earned cash to buy that new vacuum cleaner, forget it. That money now belongs to DC.

SOURCE: Nerdist

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