Dark Shadows / Vampirella #2 Review

Does this crossover between two unique vampire themed franchises impress in its latest outing?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Investigating a series of brutal murders of young women in NYC, Vampirella and Barnabas Collins (with some side assistance from werewolf Quentin Collins and shape-shifter Pantha) join forces to stop the bloodshed! But, can Barnabas and Vampirella stay one step ahead of both the sadistic Lady Bathory and the NYPD? Is the combined might of our vampire heroes enough to save the innocent girls? Or will they have enough trouble just saving themselves?

In a stellar second release the story arc picks up some extra players and delivers on almost all of its previously established components.  In a lot of ways however, this follow-up issue is an improvement over last month’s tale, due to the fact that we get some much needed wit in the continuation of this crazy little fray.

Mark Andreyko once again pens the script and he does a superb job with his second outing.  This story is a bit more fast paced than the previous one but the character interaction between these two established properties is highly entertaining, as each verbal pun or joke leads to a tongue-in-check laugh as the series writer pokes fun at some of their goofier elements.  To our author’s credit, he even manages to make our villain really threatening and a bit disturbing in the later half of the issue, making me very excited to pick-up Dark Shadows / Vampirella #3.

Patrick Berkenkotter does a good job on the art, he employs thick and thin lines to make both of the properties and their divergernt characters work in a visual sense.  To his credit, most of the time it works brilliantly but there were moments where the absurdity of seeing Barnabas Collins and Vampirella interacting with each other was just too goofy.

Dark Shadows / Vampirella #2 is a very good second release that improves just enough over its first to warrant a purchase.  Recommended.


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