Dark Shadows #8 Review

Can our hero unravel the mystery surrounding a town’s missing children, or is the fan-favorite vampire doomed to fail?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Barnabas the hunted! What does he have to do with the mysterious deaths of multiple children in a nearby town? Could it be true that Barnabas is to blame? He doesn’t know for sure but he has vowed to get to the bottom of it. With Barnabas’ recent memory problems and need to fulfill his blood lust he fears the worst.

There’s a good amount of layers to this jaunt, but thankfully we have a consistently sturdy duo who can keep track of it all.  Both the artist and writer work together in unison to deliver an adventure worthy of the legacy and heritage of Barnabas Collins.

Mike Raicht delves deep in this latest script, as our hero must contend with grieving relatives and a nightmare from his past.  From start to finish this romp takes readers on a personal journey, while still managing to offer some excitement among the wealth of character development.  If I was to make any sort of complaint about the work done here, it would center on the fact that I wish the issue would have started out a bit less clunky as some of the early dialogue just felt a tad-bit rocky.  Overall though, the story more than makes up for it as the vampire from Collinwood stands tall for the sake of his family.

Nacho Tenorio handles the art in this issue, nailing both design and function with some very simple but stylish panels.  The line-work and pencil strokes yield a keen visual sense that allows each and every character to mimic their real world selves in a way that both complements and expands on the original series.  In short there’s plenty of material that successfully displays the strength of this talent.

Dark Shadows #8 is a very good comic that will most assuredly please fans and might even impress some newcomers.  Recommended.


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