Dark Shadows #7 Review

Has his thirst for a cure driven Barnabas Collins to do questionable things?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

A nearby town has endured a rash of suspicious murders. All of the victims? Children. Could Barnabas be indulging his darker side away from Collinwood and the eyes of the Collins family and Julia? Is his search for a cure driving him so mad that he is wandering the night fulfilling his blood lust on the innocent?

Barnabas Collins is a fascinating protagonist that’s worth following, even as he stumbles further and further into both known and unknown troubles.  He’s often trying to do the right thing for he and his family, but there are moments where even their best intentions lead to truly troubling resolutions.  Whether you’re familiar with the original incarnation of the property or not, this interpretation is simply a comic book worth checking out.

Mike Raicht does a solid job bringing together themes and content in his latest script.  The characterizations of both the world and the people therein are spot on, as he plots a rather mature narrative that certainly succeeds in sewing some devilish seeds for next month’s release.  There were moments where conversations felt a bit wordy but beyond that, this was a top-notch effort that featured some heartfelt scenes and even some solid morality questions.

Guiu Vilanova‘s artwork is fun to look at, no doubt’s about it.  It’s built from some very thick lines that easily illustrate a disarmingly moody visual experience.  Each panel is sturdily structured, yielding just enough light detail to give moments a unique feel.  However, there are moments where characters look a bit off due to the techniques employed here, the thick lines in tight spaces can lead to facial and bodily deformities that make it hard to tell just who is who in a given scene.

Dark Shadows #7 is a solid release that offers a good read with some very competent art.  Recommended.


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