Dark Shadows #22 Review

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There’s a lot going on as the penultimate issue of this fantastic series arrives at your local comic shop, but are the waning moments enjoyable?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Evil Barnabas and his family of vampires triumphant and growing larger?! Say it ain’t so! Will anyone be able to stop them before they spill more innocent blood? And most importantly, can Julia and Willie return Barnabas’ good soul back in his body before it is too late? If not, prepare to enter a new even Darker Age on the Collinwood Estate

Dark Shadows 22_CIt has to be one of the most disappointing facts in my monthly load of reviews, that the estate of Collinwood is slowly but surely closing its doors.  But thankfully the creative team is not taking that lightly as they push the property further than its ever gone before.  Prepare for the end, but sit back and enjoy this crazily brilliant ride!

Mike Raicht pens the script and I can honestly tell you he’s delivering his best work to date.  This is by no means perfect but I can say that the author is surely strutting his stuff as the hour grows late for this specific volume.  He’s done some very bold things with this memorable cast, and despite the recent film turning out to be a poor adaptation, this comic book has been a source of comfort for devoted followers.  Even if you’ve never experienced this franchise before there’s a lot to love that proves worthy of your attention.

The art by Nacho Tenorio is just as impressive as ever.  The everlasting illustrations build up the narrative meat without circumventing or contradicting the flow of the text.  I can’t pay enough complements his way, and considering how this release closes out I’m eagerly anticipating what he does with next month’s momentous event.  In short: the pictures are exquisite from the first potent page to the final powerful panel.

Dark Shadows #22 is yet another excellent entry that exceeds my expectations as it makes way for what should be a fitting ending.  Highly recommended.



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