Dark Shadows #17 Review

With the Collins household stuck in several precarious situations is their world still one that’s worth keeping up with?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Barnabas fights for his very soul! But is it even worth saving? The Collinwood estate is rocked to its core. Some allies will not survive this conflict! The cataclysmic future of 1984 will be changed this issue, but will it be for the better or the worse?

The story of Barnabas Collins, the guilt-ridden vampire has certainly had its share of bumpy and difficult situations to contend with.  Well as this series has pointed out time and again there’s a lot more terrible that could happen to him and his loved ones and you know what?  It’s an absolute treat that’s worth savoring.

Mike Raicht pens the script and once again I find myself absorbed as his dialogue takes this tale away with a potent level of wit.  The author has a way with words as he expertly crafts this mad yarn full of time traveling nightmares and present day horrors.  He seamlessly keeps a humorous undertone that never feels quite out of step with the other aspects involved, as it helps to carry the audience to a well-rounded cliffhanger.  Each of these components are essential for this romp to succeed but there were some off elements, especially in the wolf’s side tale, that dampened this franchise’s latest extension.

When it comes to the art by Nacho Tenorio I’m once again left with a grin and satisfaction.  His panels are quite possibly one of the most inviting aspects about this comic book, as he stylistically bridges the gap between the television screen and a paper page without losing the key elements that made this specific saga unique.  I was, however, slightly underwhelmed by a few illustrations that seemed to lack the consistent hand that I had become comfortable with but nonetheless I still find myself eagerly anticipating what he pulls out for next month’s confrontation.

Dark Shadows #17 is an excellent release that will please while garnering new followers in the process.  Recommended.


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