Dark Shadows #16 Review

This time traveling saga continues as all the pieces in the puzzle move into place. But has the narrative lost its way?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Willie and Quentin recruit unlikely allies for their battle to save Collinwood. Meanwhile, Barnabas makes a desperate attempt to change his, and his family’s, future… but will it be all for naught? A mysterious figure is haunting Collinwood. Could the changes Barnabas is making play right into the hands of one of his oldest foes?

Through the last few arcs this extension of the fondly remembered and often romanticized television series has certainly found its own unique footing. Through the dark clouds that have now befallen the Collins family, especially their most ancient and somewhat living benefactor, the creative team proves their mantle.

The script by Mike Raicht from the first syllable to the cliffhanger at the end oozes with personality. There are times though where that mere fact leads the audience down some unnecessary and rather rocky narrative paths, but more often than not the seasoned author knows when to reign in these varying details that threaten the overall quality.  Despite some lackluster sequences the bulk of what’s here is simply in sync in a way that’ll make any eager fanboy or fangirls quite proud with their purchase.

Nacho Tenorio handles the art once again, and as always his thick but brilliantly handled pencil strokes nail that right level of atmosphere that’s just infectious to behold.  His renditions of these characters improve with each outing as his dynamic visualizations give them new life set in their older version of the world.  Perhaps that right there is what impresses me so much, we have work on display that should only be described as vintage with a discernibly modern twist.

Dark Shadows #16 has some segments that somewhat damage the overall package but more often than not the skill and candor of this collaboration shines through.  Whether they’re dealing with werewolves, wrapping up loose ends or setting up next month’s outing fans are sure to find plenty to enjoy.  Recommended.


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