Dark Shadows #15 Review

With our hero now freed from the weight of his good side, can the residents of Collinswood survive his wake?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Emotionally and physically fractured, the Collins family is on the edge of destruction! With Barnabas at his weakest and facing off against his darkest foe, David and Emma make a mysterious new friend. Can Quentin and Willie bring them all back from the Abyss? Perhaps the better question to be asked is should they?

After a shocking glimpse into the future, the righteous portion of our hero is on a mission to go back and stop his darker half from causing too much damage to the innocents around him.  But before he gets there plenty of problems arise for this supernatural leaning family.

The script by Mike Raicht is as solid as ever as the seasoned author delivers a story that follows up last month’s shocking outing.  As we start to explore the rise of evil we begin to see the cost of secrets and lies.  Whether we’re dealing with the youngest or the oldest within this family there’s danger everywhere and the safe places are quickly disappearing.  And that right there is the only shadow over this portion of the arc, not much happens here, instead we’re left with reminders of all the problems lingering and not much progress is made toward any resolutions.

Nacho Tenorio handles the art and his pencil strokes continue to impress.  Whether you’re someone who watched the show many moons ago or are just interested in discovering the property for the first time, rest assured that the visualizations of all the backgrounds and characters easily exceed audience expectations.  The writer asks a good deal of his counterpart and the illustrator provides dynamic panels that breath life to a more than acceptable extension of the original series.

Dark Shadows #15 continues to deliver a good experience that’s sure to take away the sting from any comics that eager fans mistakenly pick-up tomorrow.  In short trust in this duo and just take the ride they’re offering.  Recommended.


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