Dark Shadows #13 Review

Failures certainly have inevitable consequences, but are we really ready to see the results of Barnabus Collin‘s latest?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

A glimpse of the dark future of the Collins’ bloodlines is revealed. What horrors reside in Collinwood in the year 1984? Will Barnabas be able to find out where it all went wrong and stop it? Or has his family’s fate already been written in blood?

This ongoing series from Dynamite, for me, has been one of the most pleasantly addicting titles from the publisher’s already sterling library.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect from it but as it is the adventures involving the residents of Collinwood have been enthralling month in and month out.  I do take some minor solace in once again being able to report that, yes, with this issue officially out this ongoing is still worth a monthly purchase.

The script by Mike Raicht from beginning to end covers a lot of territory rather quickly, as it shows a bleak resolution to an already dreary life for several members of the Collinswood circle.  Without spoiling too much of what happened here, let’s just say everything goes immensely dark really fast and people suffer in a way that I honestly wasn’t expecting.  The dialogue itself is top notch as everyone’s favorite characters act as they should in the situations that are given to them but I have to say I was a bit thrown with the final reveal shot and the team-up therein.

Nacho Tenorio does a splendid job on the art as he instills authenticity while adding a wholly unique spin.  The pencil strokes orchestrated by the talent yield a moody atmosphere that continues to make strong use of shadows as well as dark but thick line work.  The end result is a truly legitimate affair that will enthrall longtime fans with a sense of comfort knowing that a property they care about is being handled so expertly.

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Dark Shadows #13 is a riveting read that will keep its already captive audience surely glued to their seats.  Recommended.


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