Dark Shadows #11 Review

Can the fabled Collins family survive the storm that’s coming their way or are they doomed before it even arrives?  Should you care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

As if things couldn’t get any worse, satanic forces are closing in on Collinswood. This time, however, they are not hunting for Barnabas Collins. Who are they coming for and what do they want with the Collins’ bloodline? Only Barnabas’ darkest abilities and urges may give him the strength to save his family. But have those gifts left him as well? Is Barnabas truly not evil enough to prevail?

For Barnabus Collins his hereditary problems continue to grow as demonic entities enter the equation and a vampire girlfriend for one of them may lead to some serious bloodshed for others.  Yes, our main character may not be what he once was but his problems with the supernatural world continue to persist without avail.

Mike Raicht does an outstanding job delivering a more than competent script.  The series writer has these characters down perfectly as he executes both comedy and drama with enough ease to sell the audience on the authenticity of this romp.  From start to finish each moment feels naturally choreographed as the continuing narrative allows the author to really give the world something to sink its teeth into.  Yes this is still Dark Shadows, and it maintains all the necessities it needs to in order to comply with that, but it’s also becoming something completely unto itself.

Guiu Vilanova does an excellent job on the art in this latest literary jaunt.  Using thick pencil strokes he easily evokes the right mood and manner normally associated with this property, while maintaining the integrity of this continuation.  The strong design sense allows these creatures of the night and their world to have just enough life within these panels to make it all work resulting in a splendid visual treat.

Dark Shadows #11 is another really good issue that will surely keep fans glued to their seat as they frantically flip through each of its devilishly executed pages.  Recommended.


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