Danger Girl/G.I Joe #5 Review


Finishing off one of the better cross-overs in IDW’s history, Danger Girl / G.I Joe #5 offers a thrilling and satisfying conclusion. Like much of the story, its over the top and full of action, but this is all done in a celebration of what makes the Danger Girl and G.I Joe franchises great.

The official description from IDW:

The fifth and final issue of the historic first meeting of Danger Girl and G.I. JOE pulls out all the stops—heart-pounding, sweat-inducing, action-packed, this issue will exceed all your expectations! The explosive grand finale is finally here!

Although both franchises, G.I Joe and Danger Girl, are known for their spy and espionage themes, this issue throws that out the window and celebrates all the explosive action aspects of each franchise. This issue thinks on a much larger scale, with plenty of thought out action and explosions (nearly everything seems to be on fire).

In terms of character development, this issue really highlights Abbey Chase, the signature character for Danger Girl. For the Joe’s, Scarlett is given similar focus, albeit arguably on a lesser scale. The other regulars do get some time to shine, but following one character makes the action much more fluid and consistent where it counts.

As for the ending, the dialogue is a little bit cheesy. It offers the typical resolution and resolve that any plot needs. That said, there’s plenty of opportunities for a return series, too. Of course, the G.I Joe and Danger Girl crossover needs very little reasoning to exist, thanks to its common themes. Above all else, its also just fun. This series focused on Cobra as the main adversary, but both franchises are rich enough in lore to provide countless enemies and plots.

Furthermore, its been interesting to see the G.I Joe franchise drawn in the art-style of Danger Girl. Whilst some might criticize the eschewed proportions on certain characters, it none the less breathes new life into the G.I Joe side. Its bright and colorful, which fits the less than serious nature of the series.

All in all, this is an excellent issue, and a fantastic ending to a great series. Danger Girl / G.I Joe is a cross over that just works; it takes what makes both so popular and runs with it.

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