Danger Club #4 Review

Can the sidekicks rally against the threats all around them or will they be doomed to suffer the fate of their mentors?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Chaos, blood, and betrayal all take center stage as tensions amongst the sidekicks rise. Meanwhile, The Magician takes a private journey into the darkness while seeking answers to the fate of the lost superheroes.

The intense yet engrossing narrative unfolds in a bleak fourth act that yields some causalities as it gains a sturdy backbone.  Questions without answers abound, while the overbearing knowledge that the world is in trouble and the man entrusted to rule over it, the President, is against it.  He made a deal with the devil, but can the sidekicks hope to muster the gumption to stop him and save the planet?  By the end of this dark release, I can honestly say I hope so.

Landry Q. Walker absolutely nails the script.  There’s not much development for our established characters here, but the inner dialogue and the inter-cut scenes succeed in offering-up necessary sacrifices that ignite story ques which easily enthrall any reader in some display of emotion.  It’s a strong tale, that continues to dance the line between being a brand new narrative and a love story to the long history of comic book superheroes.  Every trope and accepted archetype is represented in these pages, but in a way that is unique to this hard-hitting universe.

Eric Jones delivers some of his finest panel work in this issue.  His characters are solid, detailed and more important than anything else they’re fluid enough to buy their actions.  Beyond the cast, the backgrounds shine as the artist is called upon to take familiar set-pieces and re-work them in a way to makes them feel both fresh and new once again.

Danger Club #4 is a fairly easy book to score since it has a really strong story and top-notch art.  Highly recommended.


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