Danger Club #3 Review

Kid Vigilante and the Danger Club are trying to save the world, but should you care?  Read on.

The official description from Image:

The bodies begin piling up as the world’s governments move against the forces of the teenage superheroes. Meanwhile, Kid Vigilante is concerned about the link between Jack Fearless and the President of the United States.

There is a cosmic villain coming to Earth.  It’s something so strong that it was able to kill the all of the world’s superheroes, leaving the sidekicks to do what their mentors could not.  This comic is a coming of age tale that depicts human emotion in some of the most outlandish scenarios possible, and that’s what makes this story worth reading.

Landry Q. Walker delivers a script full of emotional nuances that succeeds in properly conveying the dire situation both our world and this team is in.  In the previous issue, the narrative focused on a rather shallow interpretation of the material that it borrowed from.  But through these commonly held superhero notions we get a decent foothold on this dark but engaging story.  It’s an emotional roller coaster complete with betrayal, mental death traps and a suicide.  The character’s may still be a bit paper thin, but their basic human reactions almost succeed in selling this story on every possible level.

The art is the star in this book, whether the script calls for a depiciton of a superhero as President or the mindless violence our teen heroes have to dispense and take, Eric Jones is more than up to the task.  The panels are expertly set-up, the characters are rendered well and the environments they traverse are indeed memorable.  From start to finish, the work done in this issue succeeds in being both kinetic and detailed, offering readers a compelling take on this world.

Overall this comic is a very good read that succeeds in elevating this series to new heights.  Offering a more than competent script complete with great art, this issue comes recommended.


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