In the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man Dan Slott, the comic thespian and fanboy living his dream, took out a beloved incarnation of our famed web-slinger as well as one all but a select handful want to remember.

And so the drums of war rumble on as Spider-Man Unlimited and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends are brutally crushed under the might of Morlun and his family.

RIP Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

The emotions are raging while Spider-Verse continues at a break-neck speed. Casualties will no doubt mount as this mammoth crossover jumps around realities in an attempt to snuff out the various arachnids.

RIP Spider-Man Unlimited

The whole thing is weird for me because I watched both of these when I was a kid. SMAHAF was the first animated version of Spider-Man I bought on VHS. And when the popular 90s iteration that followed it came to a close I watched Unlimited to fill the void. Though, even then, I thought it was a pretty odd but mostly enjoyable experience. And now, as far as the House of Ideas is concerned they’re gone.

I know this is one author that knows his stuff and he’ll pull at the memory banks to make an engaging experience and he won’t hesitate to be a destroyer of worlds. So be ready for your long term data banks to be put to the test, as differing versions of our wall-crawling menace long lost to history enter the cross-hairs of Morlun and his downright dastardly kin.

But I have to ask: who are my fellow webheads looking forward to seeing and maybe even surviving? Are you swooning over the return of SpOck? Or has some of the recently created and re-visited denizens at the Edge of all this struck your fancy?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

Spider-Verse 1_Preview Cover

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