Damsels #3 Review

Does this fantastical series continue to forge ahead or has it lost its way?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

From the tales of Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and Snow White comes Damsels!

In the aftermath of King Persine’s rousing speech against magic violence erupts on the streets of Caumont. As citizen battles citizen the Queens Talia, Rapunzel, and Belle are busy making plans for the real war to come. Rapa manages to escape from the belly of the mighty wyrm only to find herself an unsuspecting guest in a mysterious palace of the night. But what exactly are her curious hosts’ intentions? Dare she stay for just one more dance?

Who knew that when you opened a comic book revolving around fairy tale creatures you’d be dealing with strikingly mature themes, such as discrimination?  It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting out of this release, but nonetheless this tale continues to prove its gumption even as it takes a few minor narrative missteps.

Lean Moore and John Reppion continue to scribe their monthly comic book series, and the writing duo offers up a good script with some mixed results.  The characterizations and the plot itself continue to be exceptionally sturdy as our protagonist goes from last month’s cliffhanger right into another nightmare.  But once again narration bogs down the pace ultimately slowing down this release much to its detriment. The end result is a solid script but one that can be rather boring at times.

Aneke once again handles the art with some splendid results.  The characters are visceral and expertly realized as stylized pencil strokes offer a slightly off but wholly functional world.  Each panel is structured in a way that informs the plot but there are moments where details seem too relaxed resulting in a couple scenes that don’t honestly look as good as they could or should.

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Damsels #3 is a solid comic book that continues to push its narrative forward as the creative teams ushers in its next logical phase.  Recommended.


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