Damsels #11 Review

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The series continues to evolve, but is it heading in a worthwhile direction?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Aided by the magic of the Green Knight, the depleted and exhausted compact armies galumph their way through the tulgy mire-lands towards the next step of their journey. Queen Talia has concerns about the King’s plans, but soon her own judgment is called into question. Meanwhile, Rapa, Heinrich and their band of merry women find themselves the unwitting folk-heroes of a backwoods hamlet.

Damsels 11_CInitially, when I first began covering this title for UTF, I was captivated by its honest simplicity as the creative team endeavored to birth their own take on these classic stories.  To an extent they succeed in leaving their mark, but as this outing points out there are some costs to trying to capture that kind of whimsical magic.

Leah Moore and John Reppion pen the script with the right amount of candor to instantly garner praise.  The dialogue is strong, if not a bit overly wordy, but it never seems to hinder the momentum of the various plot threads.  That’s what instantly caught my attention, as these two authors develop different groups all facing some intriguing situations. From the first page to the final panel, this release excels with some worthwhile narrative meat despite a couple sequences that just felt a bit unnecessary.  In short: the arcs found here are good but not the best the franchise has to offer.

The art by Aneke is what makes this comic book stand out.  The delicate but consistent hand creates a striking visual tone that allows this piece to excel.   What really caught my eye was the subtle evolution of the illustrator’s inherent style, which at the beginnings of this property came off as clean but now implements just enough imperfect layers to make the whole believable and rather enjoyable.

Damsels #11 is a good entry that makes this saga interesting but it’s not untouchable by any stretch of the imagination.  Both sides of the equation work to deliver a worthwhile purchase that’s pull-list worthy.  Recommended.



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