Cyber Force #5 Review

The opening arc in this cybernetic rebirth comes to a close, but does it go out with a whimper or a bang?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


The Chairwoman of the massive CDI corporation will stop at nothing to get back her runaway daughter, Velocity. In her rampage, she has ordered the execution of every member of the rogue Cyber Force faction who stands in her way. But Velocity has turned and, faced to confront her mother, she doesn’t know what’s worse – being annihilated alongside her compatriots, or having her memory wiped clean with a brain box implant. If you haven’t already joined the party, don’t miss the fifth issue of Top Cow’s 20th Anniversary relaunch of CYBER FORCE to be distributed for FREE!

There’s no way else to put it: this issue represents exactly what this franchise needed.  After being gone from comic stands for a while I have to admit peeling through this book brought a smile to my face, as some seriously worthwhile elements successfully caped off this re-imagining.

Marc Silvestri pens the script and the seasoned professional knows exactly what he’s going for.  I was particularly impressed with how he was able to let things fall into place, as key characters met their demise on the eve of what could have begun a civil war in the United States.  The words and dialogue pump fast and furious as a rather text heavy adventure never loses its muster even as it sprints to the finish.

Khoi Pham and Laura Braga handle the art and I have to say they find a fine balance that eases this journey into a worthwhile climax.  I was floored by the panel choices within these pages, as the illustrators brought enough to the table in order to embrace the heritage of the franchise while building up its new standing.  In short: they matched the quality of the written word blow for blow.

As I close out my review I realize Cyber Force #5 is not perfect but it’s really close. Highly recommended.


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