Creepy Comics #19 Review


The creepy and horror is back with another issue of fun, scary, and interesting comics back from the dead. However, is this issue a home run or a strike out? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Ring in spring with more thrills and chills than you can shake a baseball bat at! Featuring pugnacious paintings from Richard P. Clark (House of Gold & Bones) and brutal ball games from Ivan Cohen (Beware the Batman) and Attila Futaki (Severed), plus hilarious tales of the Creepy family from Peter Bagge and Dan Braun!

creepyq19p1What happens when you take comics that involve horror and camp in a single issue comic book? Well you get a chance to see with the newest issue of Creepy Comics. This issue has some pretty cool stories and some great moments. The best part of this issue is the tales from the editors and they are really funny. The story themselves are hit and miss, the baseball story is actually pretty good. It is genuinely creepy.   There is another on called “Acquisition” and it has some great moments that really have some fun moments and does a great job of being creepy but, also, has some moments of mystery.  The other ones are fine but those two are the best.

Richard P. Clark, Ivan Cohen, Dan Braun and Peter Bagge all do a great job in this comic book series. They have a way of writing and bring something different to the table for this book. You will really enjoy reading this story because of this. Also, look at the crazy fun tales that Braun and Bagge do.

Richard P. Clark, Peter Bagge and Attila Futaki create some visually stunning moments in this series by creating the character and situations through the art. It is really fantastic.

Creepy Comics #19 has some great stories and funny moments within them.

  • + Super creepy
  • + Awesome styles
  • + A funny intro
  • - Some of the stories don't work!

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