4 Reasons Why Jim Caviezel Should Be The Next Batman

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It seems everyone has their own personal pick for the next actor to suit up as Batman in ‘Batman vs. Superman’, so here’s ours. Jim Caviezel is one hell of an actor, he’s mostly known for his role as Jesus in ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and his role in Johnathan Nolan’s ‘Person of Interest’ (I’m not going to make this as a proper point, but if Christopher Nolan has a little say in BvS then him and Johnathan Nolan could try and squeeze him in for the part).

Here’s why we think he’d be suited for the part:

1) His Acting Backround & Dedication

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Jim has quite the acting experience, he began acting from an early age and was starting to climb the acting ladder. His highest point in his acting career, and his most successful was The Passion of the Christ. Before accepting the role he was told by Mel Gibson that if he chose the role it would affect his career. Jim hasn’t gotten a ton of roles since, so he would surely be on board for another chance at a mega blockbuster. Plus he’s known for giving 100% at every role he’s given.

2) His Work On Person of Interest

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If you’ve never seen Person of Interest, well it’s pretty much Batman without the cape and cowl. And there’s guns, a lot of guns. The series follows two main characters, Finch (Michael Emerson) and Reese (Jim Caviezel), as they attempt to rid the city of future crimes, police corruption and the mob. While there are guns, Reese uses them non-lethally against bad guys. So he has the no-killing policy of Batman too, which is great. In the show Finch is essentially like Alfred to Reese, and Reese even has the husky voice thing going on too!

3) His Age

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Yesterday we ran an article about the latest news on BvS, if you’re too lazy to click that link the news is that Zack Snyder approached frank Miller asking advice about Batman in BvS. Fans were told to expect an older actor in or around their forties, and what age is Jim Caviezel? 44.

The more we hear about it the more the movie sounds like an adaption of The Dark Knight Returns, hopefully that’s not what’s going to happen. The way fans were told to expect an actor in their forties suggests that this isn’t the same Batman from DKR because in the movie and comic, he is way older. If it’s the next Batman straight after The Dark Knight Rises then Caviezel is perfect for the role.

4) He’s Got The Moves Like Jagger

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One of the most impressive things about Person of Interest is how well choreographed the fight sequences are. When Caviezel is kicking ass on TV it’s not difficult to picture him doing it in a bat-suit. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

Awesome right? He did threaten to kill somebody though, which is something Batman has done numerous times in the past but didn’t follow through on.

So there you have it, got somebody else in mind? Hit the comments section!


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  • richard

    thats a great choice

  • M. Reese

    Big Jim C rules! Make it so Warners and Snyder, he is perfect.

  • Batarang

    Finally! Someone who shares the same ideal actor that I choose for Batman.

  • Johnny Black

    Absolutely agree.

  • Robin Blake

    Excellent choice! However I still will be super pissed if they make Batman some guy who came out of the blue and is now a middle aged man, Batman needs to be in his thirties at most. That would make sense anyways.

    • me181818

      So how is this an excellent choice to you? If you will be super pissed if Batman is out of the blue and middle aged, which is exactly what this scenario would be, how is this a good decision in your eyes? I’m very confused by your comment.

  • Barry Mac Ockinher

    Everybody should tweet this to him so he sees it!

    • Edward

      Yeah! :)

  • Parrot

    Mr. Reese actually does not have no-killing policy.

    • Michael Moore

      He does at certain points, I believe.

      • JoseCuervo

        Negative, Mr.Reese has killed plenty of guys

        James Stills

        IRS (Assassin)

        Samuel Douglas

        Ulrich Kohl



        Neil Vargas

        Ian Davidson



        • klam58

          I am a batman fans too and I agree Mr Reese to be the new batman. You got my approval !! ^^

          • Sónia

            Froom Portugal to the world, Jim C. the next Batman got my aproval as well, i´ll be first in line for movie tickets!!

  • Edward

    Yeah! Jim Caviezel for Batman! :)

  • Carol

    Completely agree! Jim Caviezel would be terrific as Batman. In addition to the physical qualities you have cited and his acting range, Caviezel brings a wistful, introspective intensity that would be ideal for the role. Batman looking at his life choices from the vantage point of middle age would require both BAMF action and a
    thoughtfulness tinged with regret and longing . Caviezel could deliver all this and more. Plus he is freaking sexy.

  • Jerry Kadavi

    I thought I was the only one who has this idea!! Great minds think alike, I guess…

  • Mobe

    Let’s not forget he worked with Henry Cavill in ‘Monte Cristo’.

    • GerryO

      Yeah, as the father of a teenage boy(Henry Cavill).

  • gbnz

    some of the names floating around are bad man… but Jim would be awesome… come on Mr Nolan pull some strings hehe

  • lewis

    bradley cooper

  • FrankenPC .

    I agree. He’s got a ton of charisma and talent. He even made the flaccid screenplay Outlander into something tolerable.

  • Patrick Wynn

    This is the guy. He had the dark brooding mood and is a believable ass kicker. The other names I have been hearing, Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling are terrible choices. Mr. Caviezel would fit perfectly in the older dark Knight returns role.

    • POI fan

      Ryan Gosling? Are you kidding me!

  • Paul

    He will be the best Batman ever among with Bale

  • chen

    Before I search around Google, I thought I am the only one who thought about this :P
    Jim is a great choice for Batman, at some point, I even think that the Nolan bros had already set their mind to direct the next “older” Batman….so they find Jim to do POI….as some sort of a test run.

  • aprince66

    Never considered him before. Love Person of Interest, and he’d fit the roll amazingly. Spot on choice imo

  • Harlan

    In my opinion, being a DC fanboy I think Karl Urban or Andrew Lincoln maketh a great Bruce Wayne/Batman but I am inclined to see Andrew covet the character. First. Let’s talk ablout Karl Urban. He is 41 this year. By the time Supe vs Batman comes out he’d be 43-44. He has this certain persona that is similar to that of Bruce Wayne/Batman. If you’ve seen DREDD (the film wasn’t that OK but his portrayal was fantastic and his voice is fit for the role) and RED movie, you know what I mean. Has good acting chops under his belt.
    Now for Andrew Lincoln, this guy is soooo underrated. I cant believe why producers and casting directors of major films have not recognized the sizeable talent this dude has. Imagine how he made Walkind Dead a cult favorite of this generation and his tiny role in Love Actually that made every women gush over his romantic act? Seeing both Cavill and Lincoln (who are both British by the way) together in one epic movie would be awsome unless you’re a douche bag who doesn’t want two brits portraying the 2 of the greatest supeheroes on earth. Then this must come to fruition.

  • Luke

    Yes Jim Caviezel would be my first choice for Batman. I’ve watched many of his films and he’s a very talented actor. He has a certain mystery and darkness to him, which would suit the Bruce Wayne/Batman characters perfectly. He can kick some serious ass too.

  • bmg314

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought batman was 46 in dark Knight returns? He was six when his parents were killed, and he said batman was born 40 years ago on that day. 46, right?

    • Crillz101

      No he’s 55..and he wasn’t six when his parents got killed.

  • GeO

    Jim Caviezel is an awesome actor. Of course, I’ll always know him as the Count of Monte Cristo (which also Henry Cavill, as his son!). But let us reflect here. They’re looking for late thirties, early forties. Someone charming and also intimidating. Helloooooo, that sounds like the current Batman. If Marvel did it with RDJ in Iron man and the Avengers. Then why can’t DC/Warner do it with Christian Bale. I mean, who else can utter these words, “i want you to remember the man who beat you”, to our favorite Kryptonian hero? And can you imagine the box office revenue that would draw?! Just look at all the polls. It brings me to that old saying “If it ain’t broke…

  • POI fan

    Its Jim Caviezel! Period!

  • derpa


  • Leo

    Caviezel is a great, great choice, if I had the chance I would voted with both hands for him… The best choice for a great Batman… I hope BvS have ears and eyes and make this great choice

  • Dave

    You know before I read this article and saw the clip I was like, who? Now I can completely see it.

  • Alfred

    The next Batman. It’s got to be Jim C.

  • Wan

    Yeahhhh! definitely he’s good choice to be Batman. you just can see it!

  • Liliana

    150% abso-freaking-lutely! I have watched almost everything that Jim Caviezel was in, he is an awesome actor. He is brilliant as Mr Reese in “Person of Interest” which is my favourite show on TV. As already said, Jim has got everything to craft out a perfect Batman. I think Christian Bale was the best Batman so far, but Jim could be even better. HE IS PERFECT FOR THAT ROLE! Come on Mr Nolan pull those strings out and get Jim in – you won’t regret it.

  • Heather

    Couldn’t agree more. Perfect fit.

  • Sandi

    I don’t think there is anyone as perfect for the part as Jim. The timing is right for him and if Hollywood wants to keep making the Batman movies with great actors, then he’s our guy. Ask yourself why he is so well liked by the people he works with and the people who can’t get enough of “Person of Interest”. He is like the “Shawn Connery” of today and that is saying a lot. I can’t believe
    they aren’t after this guy.

  • Sean Price

    Fuck Ben Affleck

  • Adam F

    I more than agree, this man is a truly wonderful actor that has dedication to his craft and genuine morals, something rare in Hollywood. The Count of Monte Cristo was sublime and Outlander was a real surprise. Saying that Person of Interest is super and let’s be frank, like it or not, he was incredible in The Passion of Christ. He is ridiculously underrated and has genuine screen presence. I think Ben Affleck will surprise a few but Caviezel is a much better, mote broohng actor. Great article.

  • http://diplomaticat.wordpress.com/ advocatus leonibus

    Brilliant choice. Batfleck sucks.

  • Philemon Boga

    Either him,
    Michael Rosenbaum (possibly)
    Jason Statham
    or Chuck Testa?

  • martina

    I thought he had heart problems after being struck by lightening while filming the Passion and spent some time in a clinic recovering? Wouldn’t it be risky to do batman?

  • http://www.abide-and-endure.org/ Jeremiah Nabiy

    I know that I am a year late, but my wife and I have been saying the same thing for over a year! I don’t have a clue why no one responsible for the movie never seemed to think of him? Old, grizzled a bit of a chip on his shoulder, great actor…IDK. ANY ONE who sees POI willknow what I mean.

  • Jirair

    Can’t believe nobody’s mentioned his voice yet. Jim would make an awesome batman for many reasons but also he’s got the natural sounding raspy voice. Christian Bale although a great actor and excellent batman, I found forced that raspy voice. Jim would be a natural.

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