Concept Art By Jock Featuring Wonder Woman And Batgirl From BATMAN VS SUPERMAN?


Comic book and film concept artist Jock has posted some interesting images on his Instagram account. Our friends over at ForcesOfGreek picked up on these DC concept images. Jock is best known for his work on comics but has also dabbled in film concepts. It’s very possible but not confirmed that this might be from Batman Vs Superman. He’s previously provided art for Batman Begins, Dredd, X-Men Days of Future Past and Man of Steel. I’ve heard this might be from an upcoming Superman book he’s working on for DC Comics. However, why would this Superman book include Batgirl?

I’d also like to point out we’ve been hearing that Warner Bros. would be revealing art from Batman Vs Superman at their Man of Steel fan event tomorrow. The big shocker here wouldn’t be Wonder Woman but that Batgirl is in there. We haven’t heard any hint of Batgirl during the wave of rumors. This would come out of left field similar to the recent rumor of Nightwing. There hasn’t been official confirmation that Jaimie Alexander, Olga Kurylenko, Gal Gadot and Elodie Yung have tested just for Wonder Woman. We know that Zack Snyder and David Goyer are looking to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns as source material for the script. While having Batman team-up with a Carrie Kelley era Robin seems unlikely. Giving Bruce some backup in the form of Batgirl wouldn’t be strange at all. Wayne having a more grown up protege could help ground the film a little more than Miller’s comic. I’m not saying this is for sure production art but Jock’s Batman’s costume looks film inspired. He’s also becoming known for film concept work and did art for Man of Steel. Leading me to believe that Zack Snyder would ask him to return. 



Source: JOCK