COMIKAZE 2013: A Retrospective!

Is this really a con where pop culture rules the earth?  Read on to find out. Comikaze-Convention-Sights-00Welcome to Stan Lee’s Comikaze true believers, and new comers alike! I know what you’re thinking: this isn’t San Diego and there weren’t trailers or announcements to tickle anyone’s fancy, but nonetheless this is one event certainly worth keeping an eye on. Come with me to a place where the worlds of comic books, video games and movies cross paths.  The easiest way to describe the shindig is to say that it had a small town feel mixed enough legitimacy and attendance to keep me gleefully engaged for three days.  What I mean by that is, even at its busiest, I never felt like I was going to be trampled… which was beyond awesome!

Comikaze-Convention Sights 01 Comikaze-Convention Sights 02 Comikaze-Convention Sights 04 Comikaze-Convention Sights 07 Comikaze-Convention Sights 08 Comikaze-Convention Sights 05

We had cosplay, artists, writers, producers, actors, directors, creators and so much more lining the Los Angeles Convention Center with booths that would make any fanboy or fangirl shriek with excitement.  From the moment I walked in and spied a gigantic mech, to the opportunity that I had to sit down and chat with varied but burgeoning (or seasoned) talent, I found myself fighting the urge to shout: excelsior!

Comikaze-Convention Sights 39 Comikaze-Convention Sights 38 Comikaze-Convention Sights 37 Comikaze-Convention Sights 36 Comikaze-Convention Sights 35 Comikaze-Convention Sights 34

Case and point: I grabbed a hot dog, a coke, then pulled up to a tightly packed counter space.  I got comfy and prepared to eat my over priced goodness, I noticed a figure out of the corner of my eye.  The Dark Knight wandered in carrying some nachos with cheese.  The caped crusader stood next to me, set his stuff down and smiled.  It was in that moment that I realized: only at a con would I ever eat lunch with man dressed like a giant bat!     What made it special?  For this specific spectacular, the people did.

’nuff said!


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