Codename: Action #5 Review

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Masks, and Aliens, and Jet Packs, OH MY!

Here we are at the last issue. Confused? Well, with the long delay between this and last issue, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the 6-part mini series was cut to 5. Here is the proof, right from Dynamite, if you need it: CODENAME: ACTION #5 (OF 5).

The official description from Dynamite Entertainment:

Codename Action 5 CoverInfiltrating the secret island headquarters of the enemy, Operative 1001 and his allies manage to free the prisoners, and it seems that the day has been won. But when he learns the true identity of Dr. Thorpe, he discovers that the threat is much larger in scope than he had ever imagined, and that the danger is far from over.

The mini-series of cliffhangers ends here. I can only imagine it was cut to 5 issues due to sales, as up to this point, it was really well paced. This issue, on the other hand, felt a bit rushed. We do get an solid ending, but it is an ending that had less twists and turns than I would have expected from Chris Roberson (based on the previous issues).

That said, based on what had to wrap-up, Chris did a great job of fitting it all in to this issue. The only other thing that felt “off” from the previous issues is the level of “camp”. This issue seemed to take the “I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you meddling kids” thing a bit more to heart than the first four issues. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just making an observation. In any case, it was awesome to see all those “Masks” on the same page fighting bad guys!

Once again, Jonathan Lau’s art exists to be enjoyed. From every calm moment to the most violent action, he has made this story shine.

So, I have to ask once again – Do you like… Action? Conspiracy Theories? World Damnation?

Now for some new ones: Aliens? Campy Villain monologues? Buttoned Up Endings?

Then Codename: Action is for you!


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