Codename: Action #2 Review

Not even the masks can protect you…

Issue two of this six-part mini-series continues with the splash made in the first issue’s [literal] cliffhanger.

The official description from Dynamite Entertainment:

The Cold War threatens to heat up quickly as world leaders on both sides of the Iron Curtain begin pushing for armed conflict. But only a select few know that the ones rattling their sabers are in fact identical doppelgangers who have replaced the real leaders. Can veteran spy Operator 5 and new recruit Operative 1001 uncover who is behind these replacements, and what their agenda might be, before it’s too late?

Simply put and without spoilers – much more of the story is revealed, new treachery comes to light, doppelgangers get doppelgangers, and masks start to lose their meaning.

Chris Roberson once again does a fantastic job at introducing characters, unraveling the plot lines, and keeping a great pace for the six-issue mini. The covers offer a nice tease of what the story offers, though a bit more character context and a longer appearance would have been nice – especially for new readers not familiar with some of the super-heroes.

Jonathan Lau‘s art again perfectly portrays the story being told. The women are beautiful, and the super-heroes are intense. From simple dialog to action packed heroics, each panel is well laid out and improves the overall reading experience. The character facial expressions alone, make this issue shine.

Codename: Action #2 is a great continuation of the story, with at least three different (yet linked) plot / sub-plot lines going on at any moment. So far it is definitely worth investing in – and as we end on another (more subtle, yet still literal) cliffhanger, I am very much looking forward to how everything fits together as we head towards the half way point in the mini-series.



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